Tag: Transformation

  • What Does it Feel Like to go Alcohol-Free ?

    What Does it Feel Like to go Alcohol-Free ?

    Maybe you are like me. Like I was. I could guzzle 1-2 bottles of wine a night. Wine was my friend. Alcohol made me happy and took away my anxieties. I drank alcohol to feel free. Yet deep down and for too many years I knew I was drinking too much. I knew because I…

  • Breathe and Allow

    Breathe and Allow

    It would be great if every transformational path—embracing sobriety included—was all forward motion. Floating on a pink cloud of giddy relief and wonder at this whole new world, energy surging, creative and sexual juices flowing, newly found pleasures, new rewarding habits taking hold, relationships not only healing but soaring to new heights of intimacy. Unfortunately,…

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