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  • Water?

    A beautifully refreshing thirst-quenching drink It won’t dehydrate Make me stay up too lateUnable to sleep Consuming it won’t mean secrets I suddenly can’t keep It won’t give me a headache Or continue to take Much more than it gives Hmmmm I actually need this I don’t need wine to live What is this wonderful healthy drink Well you can get it ! From the […]

  • A Poetic Homage to Kristi Coulter on Being Fine Without the Wine

    .. think about cutting yourselves some slack. Have a cupcake if you want it. Buy two cupcakes and eat only the frosting parts of both of them, which is a thing I have heard some other people do. Go to a movie in the middle of the day. Sleep late. Binge-watch something. Smoke a bunch […]

  • First Alcohol-Free Family Vacation: A Happy Ending !

    Alcohol-Free Family Vacation ?!?!?!! They argued over an armrest On the planeWhat a pain! lol Over who had the most spaceThey didn’t wanna lose face But I had a clear head So I didn’t see red Over hot chocolate, or orange juice spiltOne was upset when the other showed no guilt or remorse  ‘Cos they’re just kids of course!  […]

  • Alcohol Use is a Spectrum


    Alcohol is a bully to many of us. Let’s not bully each other. A “Alcoholic” is an unhelpful L label for people and it C causes a lot of upset. When trying to O overcome many obstacles and H heal their lives, people feel almost O Ostracized, why should that be? L Lots of people […]

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