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4 Secrets to Staying Sober that I Uncovered in my First 6 months Alcohol-Free

Woman writing in Journal - Uncovering the Secrets to Staying Sober

I remember when I first joined the BOOM Community hoping to get help to stop drinking, reading posts from people saying they’d made it a year, a month, a few weeks alcohol-free even, and I thought they were some sort of wise old sages with a secret to staying sober that I didn’t have. And

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Tackle Business Trips Alcohol-Free

Woman on Airplane Alcohol Free

I have had to travel quite a bit on business, and dealing with the airports / airplanes / and coworker drink fests were hard at first. Advance planning and even rehearsals are your key. I have gone into a bathroom stall at the airport to mutter, “club Soda, please” just to be sure my favorite

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