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Do You Ever Get Tired of Images Like This ?

Somehow the image of a woman trapped like a bug in a big glass of wine has become sexy, cool, edgy ….. Wine time is sold as a “girl power thing” and Mommy’s Sippy cup is an essential baby shower gift. So we decided to take one of those cutesy promotions for the essentiality of

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Mummy Juice

Pink whistle

So I’m going to be a strong fun sexy mum, if I drink every night?  Hmmmmmm. Even though at the time I was in denial about my own problem drinking, I knew that Why THIS Mummy drank was not because I stepped on a piece of Lego. (That does hurt a lot don’t get me

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Modern Times and The Vortex

Charlie Chaplin Modern Times

I saw my first Charlie Chaplin movie this year at the age of 54. I was performing in the orchestra for a cinema in concert performance of Modern Times and I’m so glad that it came up on our season schedule because I learned that I LOVE Charlie Chaplin. He is a true genius. Of

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