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We Fight Back Together

A community to help you stop or slow down is important. If you don’t smoke and never did it’s hard to understand the appeal of cigarettes. Cigarettes smell bad, taste bad and are laced with toxic chemicals like arsenic and ammonia. They are also expensive and most people don’t consider it cool or glamorous to

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Day 83 Alcohol-Free Existential Crisis

I ought to be grateful that I stopped myself from going down that road. I should be glad that I am heeding the warnings, listening to the wise ones, learning from the cautionary tales.”

And another part of me whispers,

“That’s great and all, but I want to see it for myself. I want to be sure I’m on the right path for me.”

Who wins?

I guess we’ll see.

I am Strong

My leisure time and social life were wrapped around alcohol – every aspect of it intrinsically linked.

I exercised and ate a healthy diet etc but never really felt well.

I often drank to blackout, waking with bruises and injuries of unknown origin. I was lost and alone – hungover was my normal. Emotionally, physically and mentally I was drained.