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I am Strong

My leisure time and social life were wrapped around alcohol – every aspect of it intrinsically linked.

I exercised and ate a healthy diet etc but never really felt well.

I often drank to blackout, waking with bruises and injuries of unknown origin. I was lost and alone – hungover was my normal. Emotionally, physically and mentally I was drained.

Musings from Five Years Alcohol-Free

I can remember being in awe of people who had gone for a long time alcohol-free. I never thought I’d do it. In fact, to be truthful I didn’t think I COULD do it. I’d tried to reduce, moderate, change the drink in my glass, go a month without and start again. When I drank

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You Have to Have Faith

When I stopped drinking I was so used to feeling like crap physically and emotionally that I had NO idea how crap I felt. I thought that feeling like crap was just part of middle age. I bought into the idea that aging was the boulder I was pushing up hill and had no idea that the boulder was actually alcohol.

How to Break the Friday Night Drinking Ritual

Remember If you’ve decided to join in the discussion no matter where you are in your efforts to change your relationship with alcohol, you are here and you are trying and that is epic.You are here amongst like-minded people that can help you in some shape or form move forward. Compared to the amount of time it took up to get into all this trouble, getting out of this shit is bloody quick. No matter what challenges lie ahead, as long as you remain committed and engage here you will get through.

Celebrate Arid August with Hope and Energy

I might still be stuck in a nightly black-out, binge drinking routine, if I hadn’t found the book Drink by Ann Dowsett Johnson. I related to much of Ann’s story of addiction, and was inspired by her recovery through Alcoholics Anonymous, but what left the greatest impression on me was her analysis of why so

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