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I dreamt that Kristi Coulter was my Therapist

If you’ve never heard of the star blogger and author Kristi Coulter, let me introduce you to more than her photo. The blog Off-Dry , which she used to chronicle her sober journey, caught fire when her post entitled “Enjoli“ went viral in a way that inspired and outraged the world. Nothing Good Can Come from This is her recently published

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The Simplicity of How This Mom Finally Stopped Drinking

Woman in house

The image at the beginning of this post is literally how I used to feel. I used to feel trapped in the domesticity that I had chosen. I was a vibrant, active, loving wife and mom. Like many of my friends, I had my children after becoming established in my career. My daughter was born

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Cognitive Dissonance

If you are out to dinner and are offered a glass of wine you’ll most likely be questioned if you turn it down. We’ve been taught to believe that wine is good for us and drinking is essential to having a good time in social situations so how could you possibly turn down the drink,

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"I would die for my children but I could not stop drinking for them"……

There is a very good reason that after over three years alcohol-free I still blog about sobriety most days. I’m going to do whatever it takes to hold onto my freedom because alcohol addiction is serious business. The risk of relapse is high even after years of sobriety, but I believe the key is to

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