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  • Creative Recovery

    Creative Recovery

    When my daughter was seven years old, and my son was two, I picked up a well-thumbed paperback at a yard sale called Bradshaw On: The Family. I thought Bradshaw’s book was about parenting strategies, but as I began to read, I was surprised to find that it focused more on his theories of the…

  • Dancing with the Devil I Know

    Dancing with the Devil I Know

    I will destroy your health, screw up all your hopes and dreams, destroy everything that you hold dear. Take your life and twist it until you are alone and desperate with no one near. If you stick with me, I can take your pain away, I can even make it go away forever.

  • I Am Winged Victory

    I Am Winged Victory

    I struggled for years with the question “am I an alcoholic?”. I tried and tried again to control my drinking but would find myself reaching for the “reward” of a glass or two of wine night after night. Those two glasses led to a bottle, a bottle and a half, or more, and I couldn’t…

  • Write Your Own Narrative

    Write Your Own Narrative

    Nine years ago, having been sober for four years, I had decided that I should be ok having the odd drink and if I was wrong?…Well I’d just stop drinking again. Suffice to say I was very soon back to drinking every night. I couldn’t stop, and frankly didn’t want to! I’m starting a hypnotherapy…

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