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  • Creative Recovery

    Creative Recovery

    When my daughter was seven years old, and my son was two, I picked up a well-thumbed paperback at a yard sale called Bradshaw On: The Family. I thought Bradshaw’s book was about parenting strategies, but as I began to read, I was surprised to find that it focused more on his theories of the […]

  • Dancing with the Devil I Know

    Dancing with the Devil I Know

    Nice to meet you; My name is ‘Al’, You ask me ‘What’s your aim?’. I am your very best friend, just listen, I’ll explain. I can make you feel good, take away your doubt, your fear,your pain. You can be free, One of us,the In Crowd The ones who know what there is to gain. […]

  • I Am Winged Victory

    I Am Winged Victory

    I struggled for years with the question am I an alcoholic. I tried and tried again to control my drinking but would find myself reaching for the “reward” of a glass or two of wine night after night. Those two glasses led to a bottle, a bottle and a half, or more, and I couldn’t […]

  • Write Your Own Narrative

    Write Your Own Narrative

    Nine years ago, having been sober for four years, I had decided that I should be ok having the odd drink and if I was wrong?…Well I’d just stop drinking again. Suffice to say I was very soon back to drinking every night. I couldn’t stop, and frankly didn’t want to! I’m starting a hypnotherapy […]

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