There is no drug Sweeter than my Sobriety

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Sober Curious No More !

There it is 100 Days Alcohol-Free !

Well you could have knocked me over with a feather. 
I didn’t plan to quit drinking until the day it happened, instantly upon reading the article here, Guide to the first month of Sobriety….
For the Sober Curious
. It was the first time I had seen that term. I’ll be forever grateful to that author and this amazing community. ❤️ 

Are you curious? Well yes I am, I’ve been getting curiouser and curiouser.

It worked like a charm. Such a well-illustrated list of positives, it was about gaining ALL THIS by leaving one thing behind. One stupid bullshitty thing that had controlled me for too long. 

I had already come to a point of pulling us (me and my two teen daughters) out of all kinds of hell. But it was nothing like the skyrocket of sobriety for fixing things within and without. I had no idea what I was missing, going on grit and my innate goodness to drag our life circumstances out of hell. And to take care of and love myself, even as a drinker.

Also, damn you Irish! I’m Belfast born to an extremely alcoholic father. But life is about evolving past the cards you are dealt right?

Yoga has been my foundation for over 20 years. Only now am I doing it totally sober. Omg. But it prepared me for this.

There is no drug sweeter than my sobriety. The veil of illusion has dropped and all of alcohol’s power over me went with it, like the evil character in a movie dropping that cloak and disappearing in a puff of smoke. I’m just shocked that it worked for me so instantly, thoroughly and easily. I remember feeling a little foggy day 3-4 but it was nothing compared to hangovers.

I drank almost daily for 30 years, apart from the pregnancies of course. The fear of how hard it would be to abstain from my one true friend alcohol, had kept me from ever really considering trying. I have no previous day ones.

So I’m RUNNING WITH THIS. Running like Forrest Gump. 

This is truly life, and I just never knew how much of that life I was killing until now, and how immeasurably deep and rich and colorful and enjoyable life is. 

Thank you for all the support and inspiration BOOM, and dearest WINGED VICTORY.

I am planning to remain alcohol free as long as I live, because I don’t like hell.

So staying AF and eternally grateful to you.
Wishing everyone a pretty fucken shiny happy day! ❤️

Happy Woman

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Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for NOT using but you don’t HAVE to drink. Don’t stay trapped because the stigma of not drinking seems worse than the cost of drinking to much.

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