Tips on the First Month Alcohol Free

What have I not done? Don’t think sobriety will just happen on its own without putting in the work. But! It’s worth it! I’ve Retired from a Long and Illustrious Drinking Career

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Tricks and tips from one of our members on the first month alcohol free.

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What have I done to get to 4 weeks?

  1. Changed my mindset from wanting to want to quit drinking to “I am now a nondrinker, no ifs ands or buts. There is no turning back”.
  2. Post here every day. Even if it’s just a reply to someone else’s post. Post something.
  3. Read books. I’ve read several “Stop Drinking” books before so this isn’t new but I’ve read 2 this month. They were quite a contrast in views. First Annie Grace This Naked Mind and then Harry Haroutunian Being Sober. I’m not going to review them here but reading such contrasting views back to back really made me challenge what MY views and beliefs are on alcohol addiction.
  4. I started counseling with a mental health therapist, again. I’ve only been 3 times. We are starting with “trauma therapy” which wasn’t as scary as it sounds. I rather quite liked it.
  5. Listened to podcasts. I LOVE Belle’s podcasts. She is no-nonsense straight up how it is and I dig it. Her voice is incredibly soothing. She also has short podcasts if you only have a few minutes. ( You’ll find links to Belle’s podcast and to Annie Grace’s as well in this post How to Walk Away From the Wine o’ Clock Routine
  6. I slept, a lot. I did have quite a bit of insomnia so to help I took Valerian root, melatonin and passion flower (I also take black cohosh but that is more for hot flashes that would wake me up). They helped a lot!
  7. I took a different route home to avoid the grocery store I used to buy wine at. I didn’t shop when feeling weak/tired. I didn’t keep cash on hand.
  8. Bought a journal to keep track of thoughts/ideas, websites, quotes, etc.
  9. Watched documentaries regarding alcohol abuse.
  10. Packed healthy lunch and snacks to take to work.
  11. Tried as much as I could to keep stress levels and aggravations low.
  12. Taking walks. Tempting to throw myself into an exerise program but walking is as vigorous as I’ve gotten the first month.
  13. Epsom salt/magnesium baths. You can get a 3 lb bag scented or unsented for about $3-4
  14. Deep breathing. The first couple weeks I would have feelings of panic that would just wash over me and I’d breath through them. They would pass but were uncomfortable. I recommend the 4-7-8 technique. it’s effective.
  15. I kept a vivid memory of how awful my last drinking experience was. And all the other downsides, sneaking, lying, hangovers, and the mental energy it takes to do all of that.
  16. I am working on my spirituality. This will be different for everyone. I chose to get baptized.
  17. This my sound kind of funny, but I have a little saying I tell myself when I see people drinking and I kind of miss it “I drank enough in my first 50 years for a whole (or more) lifetime”
  18. I’ve Retired from a Long and Illustrious Drinking Career

What have I not done? Don’t think alcohol free will just happen on its own without putting in the work.


It’s worth it !

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If you’re drinking too much too often and want to take a break or become alcohol free altogether come talk to us. Alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for not using. Rethink the Drink !

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