Top Ten Incredible but True Things about Sobriety

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10. Nobody knows that there isn’t any rum in our cola, bourbon in our ginger ale, or gin in our seltzer water.

9. We actually can be popular and charming, just by asking about their lives and laughing at their jokes.

8. It’s one of the best ways to loose weight in the world.

7. We are more attractive than we would be staggering to the bathroom or falling off our barstool.

6. It’s not being old enough to drink that makes us grown up; it’s being old enough to drink responsibly or not at all.

5. Quickest way to spot alcoholics? They’re the one’s who care that we’re not drinking.

4. Not drinking at a restaurant is like having a 50% off coupon.

3. We can spot the people who are really worth knowing.

2. We can wake up the next day not broke.

1. We can use our New Year’s resolution for something more important.

Sobriety is Clarity, Creativity, Freedom ! ReThink the Drink with the BoozemusingsCommunity