Top Ten Wonderful Things You'll Miss This Weekend if You Don’t Drink

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We propose a list of ten fantastic things you can do this weekend if you don’t drink.

10. Alternating licking salt from some portion of your anatomy (or your date’s) with shots of tequila.

9. Selling large short uncovered contracts on cattle futures.

8. Performing a karaoke to Eminem’s “Loose Yourself”, a song that you have never heard.

7. Sharing way, WAY too much on Facebook.

6. Coming up with an idea for the first, actually workable cold fusion process… which idea you will, of course, have forgotten tomorrow.

5. “Falling asleep” on public transportation, waking up at the end of the line in a VERY sketchy neighborhood.

4. Buying an inflatable unicorn horn for your cat on the Internet

Unicorn - inspiration to stop drinking

3. Starting your very own, personal collection of soaking wet cigarette butts, because you saw “such an interesting one” on the street… up close. Really close.

2. Fixing your makeup/hair/clothes in a manner that makes them look two orders of magnitude worse.

1. Smoking. Except you don’t smoke.

If you’d like to take a break from all of the excitement come join us and talk it through.

ReThink the Drink

The spirit is not in the bottle.

It’s in you !