Why I Don’t Drink …

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I’m the one at the bar nervously looking around if the server isn’t there right away to offer me my first drink or a refill.

I’m the one who will have a glass before I go out to eat and drink.

I’m the one who’s glass is always empty before everyone else’s.

I’m the one who will swig the last bit of my partner’s unfinished glass as we leave the table so it doesn’t go to waste.

I’m the one who will go home after dinner and crack another bottle.

I’m the one who will rarely re-cork a bottle.

And if I do, it’s only got about a couple inches left at the bottom and I did it to proclaim the next day that I have self control.

I’m the one who exceeds the recommended weekly alcohol intake in a day.


So when that Little Voice/Devil on my sholder comes to call I’ll just remember these ten things:

  • 10. The drink is never as good as that Little Voice said it would be.
  • 9. I can’t let that Little Voice linger; Can’t give him the hospitality of my mind and heart.
  • 8. Giving in to that Little Voice is a letdown; I’ll always feel puny afterwards.
  • 7. That voice is another name for negative self-talk.
  • 6. What has that Little Voice ever done for me?
  • 5. Nothing personal Little Voice , but you sound awfully like that snake in the Garden of Eden.
  • 4. I can never really get rid of LV, but I can replace him with better voices and thoughts.
  • 3. Dealing with that nagging voice is like riding a bicycle across a dirt road with ruts; I have to keep my hands firmly on the handlebars and force the bike to keep going the right way.
  • 2. LV may leave me alone… for a while, but he is always looking for an opening.
  • 1. Sorry Little Voice , nothing bad that might happen to me is fixed with a drink, and nothing good that happens to me is made better by a drink.

So I’m Fighting the Wine Witch:

W- Why

I – Ignite

N- Negative

E- Emotions

W- With

I – Insidious

T- Toxin

C- Causing

H- Health problems

And I will win !

Woman warrior

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