Dear Alcohol We’re Through

After years of partying
And as a mum now too
I was turning to wine
Still wanting to have a good time
Or just drinking to relax
Do you sometimes do that?

We all work hard
And we deserve to chill out it’s a fact
But now I find
There’s something missing
And I think I want to change my mind

Wine doesn’t hit the spot like it used to
Even when I have quite alot
And I need more and more to get the same effect as I had before

Does it make sense to say it’s kind of becoming a chore?
Wanting to drink to chase away the cares of the day
It’s becoming a relay

I want to sit down and say ok now it’s time for me
When the kid’s are in bed or just after tea
But does a few glasses of wine still serve me?
Really? Nightly?
Or could they be harmful actually?

What IS the reality?

Could it be time to Rethink The Drink?

There’s nothing to lose
Lots to gain
And it might just save you from a world of pain!
Is it time to put alcohol in the frame?

Dear Alcohol ;
You’re putting up a good fight
Trying to convince me
From everything I see
That it can be alright
And life won’t become a fright
But in reality
You’re a less than pretty sight
More gruesome
Than any Halloween night
Your mask’s no longer comforting
On a lonely evening following
An argument or two
‘Cos I’ve seen the real you
And now
It’s changing everything
The blinkers are gone
And you just feel wrong

Our relationship is over
I know it’s for the best
I don’t want just separation
I think I want a divorce
I want proper closure

I don’t want to waste my time
Now that I’m older
I need to feel better
Or at least be fine

I’m sad
But also strangely glad
It had to come
You see
I think we’re just done
There’s not enough left there to carry on
The spark has most definitely gone

I’m not going to dwell on what went wrong
It’s not necessarily healthy
I’ll just move on
Alcohol there’s no reprieve
You and I both know
It’s over
You need to leave!

The Spirit is not in the Bottle it’s in You …

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