I wrote my first post in an online community called Hello Sunday Morning back in March of 2015, and I have been posting, instead of drinking, ever since.

The Hello Sunday Morning Legacy

Writing in a community that was talking about the ups and downs of living life alcohol-free, without the shame or stigma that I had always associated with alcoholism, helped me get sober, stay sober, and most importantly and unexpectedly, posting helped me rediscover the voice that I had been drowning.

Continuing what we did on HSM when they closed their first web community, is why I started BOOM

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If you are ready to just get started posting in BOOM this quickly explains How to post .

If you’d like to know a bit more please continue reading.

What is the difference between Boozemusings and BOOM?

This post that you’re reading is published on our Boozemusings Blog. Boozemusings is our public face and the website that you likely found before clicking through to BOOM. Boom Rethink the Drink is our private community hosted on the Mighty Networks Community platform. On our BOOM website, and in the Boom community in the Mighty Networks app we encourage you to be anonymous. You are safe in this private space to talk about whatever you need to. 

How do I use Boom?

Our setup in BOOM is similar to Facebook in that we have a home feed where all of the posts for the day show up. We also have spaces where you can write your own posts.

Posting Spaces in Boom :

Our Boom Community Posting Space: where we post about the ups and downs of living alcohol-free. The purpose of this space is explained more fully here

Our Moderate Drinking Group: where we encourage people to post about working toward drinking moderately rather than working toward drinking not at all. The purpose of that space is explained more fully here

Outside the Bottle: A space where we encourage people to post a bit more freely. The purpose of that space is explained more fully here

We also have a BOOM Community Book Club and Library : This is a space where you can read the posts of the monthly host and comment with answers to their questions, search for information about books that you might find interesting, and share your own posts on books that you have found helpful or are reading.

If you would like to you can #s your posts using one or several of our Highlighted Hashtags please do! And you can also search topics using that Highlighted Hashtag list.

Archives in Boom:

We have been posting in BOOM since August 2017 and many of us were in the Hello Sunday Morning legacy community for several years before that. You will find posts from our archives, grouped into specific topics here

Our Shared Experience

The archives are currently

Getting Started Alcohol-Free

SOS Cravings

Write Your Way Free!

Those archive spaces are not open for writing posts but please do comment on what you see there!

In our Discovery section, you will find the posts that we chose to Welcome you, posts that have been recently Featured, and the posts that have recently had the most activity, under the heading Top Posts.

There is a lot to read! But the intention with Boom is for each of our community members to be active in writing as well as reading. You can start posting right away on that home feed, ask the community a question, or start reading and commenting on the posts that you see. Please feel comfortable asking any questions you may have in any of our posting spaces.

Why Post?

I asked that question in Boom a few years ago and you’ll find lots of great answers to it here

What should I post about and how often?

there are lots of thoughts on this in our Write Your Way Free! archive and questions there as well that you can use as prompts to get going.

Simply put …

You can write as much or as little as you’d like in your posts. Start by telling us why you’re here. What do you hope to achieve?  The more you share the more you’ll learn about yourself and the more we’ll be able to offer support and ideas. We’re a real give-and-take community. If you spend some time here daily reading and writing you will find that you begin to figure out what you need to do and how to do it

– Try it 😊

How to post

Try posting a bit every day, or a couple of times a week for a while and see what happens-

Posting Protocol

All voices and opinions are welcome as long as you don’t attempt to control or censor others. Self-censorship is one of the reasons I believe we drink. You can read our detailed regulations here

Together as a community, we can often find the answer to the addict voice that’s calling you. We’ve all heard that voice and it has a limited vocabulary. It’s a pretty stupid entity that wine witch/devil on your shoulder/Feed me False Comfort Siren.

So if you decided that you NEED to stop drinking but find you still WANT to drink that’s because you haven’t learned how to feel good without drinking yet. The Art of Living Sober is a Skill that Takes Practice

It takes time and a focused commitment to re-educating yourself and staying accountable no matter what.

So join BOOM,
Post, Talk to Us, We’re all about community, a living library of actual people- 

Grab a hold  we’re here

helping hand in posting instead of drinking

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