A Question a Day for 31 Days to help You Quit Drinking

What does it mean to Rethink the Drink? It is not something that can happen by reading one book or even a few. It’s about digging deep into your own thoughts and changing your perspective a little bit each day.

The following 31 posts linked below in blue, were our Boom Rethink the Drink Community Dry January from 2020. Each post encourages you to challenge your own assumptions about why you think you want to drink, or why you think you need to drink. Reading these posts and answering the questions can help you get going alcohol-free or solidify your sobriety at any stage.

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Day 1 – Today, we are ushering hangovers out and welcoming mornings in. 

Day 2 – Today, we are ushering forever out and welcoming today in. 

Day 3 – Today, we are ushering perfection out and welcoming progress in.

Day 4 – Today, we are ushering isolation out and welcoming connection in.

Day 5 – Today, we are ushering self-neglect out and welcoming self-care in.

Day 6 – Today, we are ushering boredom out and welcoming interest in.

Day 7 – Today, we are ushering fading out and welcoming blossoming in

Reading for week one Why is it So Hard? 4 Hurdles to Overcome When You Stop Drinking

Day 8 – Today, we are ushering absence out and welcoming presence in.

Day 9 – Today, we are ushering procrastination out and welcoming action in

Day 10 – Today, we are ushering loss out and welcoming gain in. Bear with me because this is a long one, and sits at the heart of the theme for the month

Day 11 – Today, we are ushering obsession out and welcoming rejection in

 Day 12 – Today, we are ushering compulsion out and welcoming self-determination in.

Day 13 –  Today, we are ushering panaceas out and welcoming persistence in.

Day 14   Today, we are ushering exhaustion out and welcoming rest in.

Reading for week two – How to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober – Understanding Your Addicted Brain

Day 15 –  Today, we are ushering “beating yourself up” out and welcoming “protecting yourself” in. 

Day 16 – Today, we are ushering labels out and welcoming ownership in.

Day 17 – Today, we are ushering conflict out and welcoming harmony in.

Day 18 – Today, we are ushering spending out and welcoming saving in.

Day 19- Today, we are ushering shirking out and welcoming working in.

Day 20 – Today, we are ushering numbing out and welcoming feeling in

Day 21 – Today, we are ushering instability out and welcoming steadiness in.

Reading for week three 7 Perspectives on Feeling the Feels – Emotional Regulation in Sobriety

Day 22 – Today, we are ushering humiliation out and welcoming poise in.

Day 23 – Today, we are ushering anger out and welcoming patience in.

Day 24 – Today, we are ushering paranoia out and welcoming certainty in.

Day 25 – Today, we are ushering insecurity out and welcoming confidence in.

Day 26 – Today, we are ushering guilt out and welcoming pride in.

Day 27 – Today, we are ushering shame out and welcoming honor in.

Day 28 – Today, we are ushering self-loathing out and welcoming self-esteem in.

Reading for week four 4 Great Posts to Help You Answer the Moderate Drinking Question

Day 29 – Today, we are ushering anxiety out and welcoming serenity in.

Day 30 – Today, we are ushering fear out and welcoming courage in.

Day 31 – Today, on this last day of the month, we are ushering despair out and welcoming hope in.

Reading to keep you going Beyond the Pink Cloud – Living Sober

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Don’t let the shame of the stigma keep you from saying

“I think I have a problem with drinking”

Open your mind to the possibilities. 31 questions for 31 days to help you quit drinking. Give yourself the gift of change. The Spirit is not in the bottle it’s in you.

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