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The Boozemusings Blog is written by a diverse group. We are current and former members of the private BOOM Rethink the Drink community where we also blog daily, in an anonymous, supportive forum. If you’re drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink. You’ll find our community HERE  

Open your Mind to the Possibilities – The Spirit is not in the Bottle It’s in You

  • Get A Refund on the Alcohol Tax

    Woman with Money Get a Refund on the Alcohol Tax

    April 18 is tax day in America, which falls in the middle of Alcohol Awareness Month.This made me consider how alcohol was taxing me for decades.And I was not aware that alcohol was Taxing Me It starts out so innocently, at a party with really fruity punch (spiked with grain alcohol), then leads to fun happy […]

  • How I Ditched the Dysfunctional Drinking

    Have you ever felt like your anticipation of having a drink was greater than the pleasure derived from drinking it? A few years ago, I was drinking too much, too often, and I began to realize I wasn’t enjoying the drinking anymore, and yet I didn’t want to stop. What I wanted was to drink more. […]

  • Tomorrow Starts Today

    When I first dipped my toe into thinking about stopping drinking, reading quit lit and following the online sobriety community, I had a severe case of the “I’m not THAT bad” syndrome. Comparing myself to others softened my own self doubt and shame. I’m not proud of it, especially now that alcohol has humbled me […]

  • The Truth Behind my Façade – Resetting my Sober Motivation

    6 months ago my drinking was out of control and had completely taken over my life. To say I was motivated to go sober is without question. Here’s the thing though – my motivation to get sober was through the roof but not in a positive or formative way. My motivation to stop drinking and […]

  • Squashing the brain chatter …

    You know how the dolls and toys come alive when the humans leave the room?…yeah that’s what happened with my alcohol bottles in their little liars club…they had an agenda. They lied. They were delusional. They were tricky tricksters and they liked it best when I was in the room with them. They schemed and […]

  • Keep Going You Got This – Perspective from the Dune

    There is a big sand dune at a beach I like to visit. I was a teen with my family the first time I saw it, took my husband there when we were dating and have loved sharing it with our kids and our friends over the years. On every single visit as soon as […]

  • Drinking to Escape? Here’s Another Way

    Drinking to escape became a habit almost as soon as I was legally allowed to buy alcohol. I would come home at the end of a long day, sit down, crack a beer, and let the day slip away as the alcohol did its thing. The longer I drank and the more I drank, the […]

  • The Battle to Owning My Life at 4 months Alcohol-Free

    [My last day 1- 7:38am on Monday, November 15th, 2021: Shaking of fear, heart throbbing, I dumped the remaining 2/3 of my 1.5L bottle of Folonari Suave white wine down the kitchen sink. And filmed it. Yep, I did. I had to own this.] Today I celebrate 4 months Alcohol-Free  🙌 Gosh oh gosh, where […]

  • 4 Views from 6 Months Sober – Life is Not a Problem to be Solved

    At 6 months sober I’d done loads of hard work and had lots of celebratory I AM SOBER! I AM FREE! moments. Most of us feel like we climb a mountain after emerging from a dark hole in our first few weeks sober, and then if we are lucky, we get to spend some time […]

  • How Do You Help Someone Stop Drinking Before it’s Too Late? What if It’s You?

    When I was nearing the point where I had to stop drinking, or risk losing myself to alcohol, I turned to my Google bar and searched “what is a high functioning alcoholic?”. Like many people who develop a potentially life destroying problem with alcohol I was able to continue drinking heavily night after night because […]

  • Recovering is Uncovering-Be Patient With the Process

    The early work of sobriety is not drinking. It feels like all you do, who you are, what you read and listen to, and why you are awake and trying again. The physical part can be pretty easy for some but for others its a real bear. The good news is that physical changes are […]

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