The Naltrexone Option – Stop Drinking With the Sinclair Method

Woman chosing door- Represnting The Naltrrexone option and the Sinclait Method to Stop Drinking and Stay Sober

Fast forward to today, I’m sober. I met & married the man of my dreams, I’ve lost 20kg and have no desire to drink. Life is brilliant. Still 50/50, there’s good and bad but nothing like the agony of drinking. Today I am 434 days alcohol-free, with the help of Naltrexone and compliance with the

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Alcohol Abuse in the Time of Covid – Solving Our Culture’s Drinking Problem Starts With Each of Us

Man Holding Umbrella over Other Mans head to Represnt ending alcohol abuse

A Washington Post headline the other day caught my eye – Americans re-emerge after pandemic isolation: ‘Like the end of Prohibition’ . Headlines have been suggesting for a while that we should expect a wild re-opening when people are finally free of the pandemic isolation. Let’s party! But relating the end of the lockdown to

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Programme Your Computer Brain to Stay Sober

Computer Brain neuroplasticity and alcohol addiction

I love reading about science, psychology, and human behavior. Recently I have been reading a lot about Habit Formation which helps me understand my own addiction and my recovery in sobriety. Habit Formation is Neuroplasticity simplified! As much as I like science, I also like simple ways of understanding things. I like to understand neuroplasticity

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