Staying Sober? Tips to Help Celebrate the Holiday Season Alcohol-Free

Girl with Hot Chocolate Sober Holiday Season

Triggers to drink are everywhere between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Seductive images of wine, champagne, and golden liquor in crystal snifters, are pasted on kiosks, billboards, and posters in store windows. The bottles in the shops will be called Holiday Cheer and wrapped in gold with a bright red bow. It can also be especially

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The Queen’s Gambit – An Honest Reflection of My Alcoholism

Wine glasses on Chess board- The Queen's Gambit and alcoholism

I saw a Twitter discourse on the “lie” and glamorization of addiction in the Queen’s Gambit. People I really admire and respect in the online sobriety community are challenging the portrayal of alcoholism in the popular Netflix series. They want to know: How is this untarnished youth and beauty alcoholism? Where is the weight gain?

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Creating New Holiday Traditions Joyfully Sober

Christmas decorations on beach sober Christmas

Sober Christmas 2020? If you are in your first year sober you may be looking ahead to the holiday season with a bit of dread and trepidation. Alcohol temptations are everywhere at this time of year from the shopping mall, to the television, to the dining room. Decorating, cooking, shopping, planning – everything can be

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Your Scars are Beautiful – Moving Toward Emotional Sobriety with Inspiration from Kintsugi

Healing in Sobriety - Scars, pain and Kintsugi

Emotional sobriety is the long term healing achieved in the years that follow going sober. Emotional sobriety is not a guarantee when you stop drinking, but it is the thing that makes living sober an empowering freedom rather than an endless slog of wishing you could drink like the rest of the crowd. Emotional sobriety

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