How I Stopped Drinking – Calling Out the Truth of What Alcohol Was to Me

Martini glass- How I stopped Drinking

Why did I stop drinking? I bought the wine o’clock as me-time ideal. I was the woman who could do everything, did do everything, and deserved a drink or 2 at the end of the day. I didn’t use alcohol to self-medicate because I had repressed issues. I drank because it was my reward and

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The Ghost of Christmas Past …

Santa Hat Remembering Sober Christmas

I never counted days sober. I didn’t know it was “a thing” until I had a lotof alcohol-free days behind me. But I counted milestones in my first year. Myfirst AF July 4th, Thanksgiving, New Years, Birthday. I recognized myfirst year. When I realized I was coming up on my 5th holiday season alcoholfree, it

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Finding Empowerment in Demystifying Sober

Winged Victory Demystifying Sober BOOM Community Online support to stop drinking

I struggled with my drinking for years even after it became obvious to me that I had a problem with alcohol because I felt like I had to drink. Alcohol had always been a part of the landscape in my world. Alcoholism was discussed in my family as something that could be in my future

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Evolving From my First Sober Christmas – Anger, Nature & Miracles

I’ll never forget my first sober Christmas. It’s a tough gig being sober in the Christmas season! I think a lot of us are feeling triggered by all the booze around at this time of year : social media, commercials, posters, parties, stacks and stacks of booze at the end of supermarket aisles. And then

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