How does alcohol change your brain and how do you re-wire your crossed neuro-pathways?

The following brain chemistry posts are written by members of the BOOM community, referencing their experience. Most of us are not scientists or psychologists or members of the medical profession. We are also not professional sobriety coaches. We are simply sharing our varied experience of recovery and what worked for each of us in the hopes that it may help others.

Survival Skills for Staying Sober: Thoughts on Dopamine and Pavlov’s dogs from Maggy:

“I can’t get this. How can anyone be so stupid? I feel so ashamed. There’s something wrong with me.”

Thoughts on Behavioral Techniques to sustain sobriety from Zoo

If you stop drinking and slowly make changes in your life that don’t make you ‘link’ with alcohol then your brain will have the chance to slowly change to that of a non-drinker.

Thoughts on Lies and Dopamine :

Eventually the dopamine hit from the successful lie, from “getting away with it”, becomes almost as powerful as the dopamine hit from the drug. Hiding away. Me and my bottle. Me and my smokes. My precious.

Thoughts on Brain Chemistry from Artemis Quinn

Drinking at every event turned into drinking when I get home from work (it is an event kind of) to drinking myself to a coma to go to sleep without thinking. My brain was having so much “FUN”. I was feeding it all that liquid fun!

And More thoughts on Brain Chemistry
From Ted and Ryan on breaking associations:
Mindfulness is Key to Staying Sober :
Thoughts from Winged Victory on Feeding your brain Dopamine by writing and making lists :
More thoughts rewriting your narrative:

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