Alcohol Lies – Spooky Tales of Seduction

Dancing with the devil

Alcohol lies – The spider to the fly

Hi there come over here said the spider to the fly
You look busy but tired
Stop a while
Don’t pass on by

spider related with alcohol lies

You can always fly again
When you’re rested
And ready to commence
It’s absolutely fine
Just sit there and recline

Close your eyes and relax
Or take a look at the beautiful threads
In my web
They’re comprised of lies
Shhh it’s a surprise!

glass of alcohol lies

I need to catch you off guard
So you won’t try so hard
To escape
I’m getting hungry slowly
I’m the alcohol spider you see
And you are sobriety
If your name means freedom
You’ve relinquished it to me

Take the Wine out of Your time

Now do you see
How easy it is to ensnare you
In this stunning web of mine
It was almost too easy it’s true
Giving you too much wine over time

It didn’t take too many tries
My name is alcohol
And I lied
You’re here to stay
As long as you don’t see through me
And know you could get away🕷🕸

Alcohol Lies – This poem was composed by Floss, author of An emoji-explosion reminder to myself of how alcohol lies to me

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