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What if it Takes 7 Years to Master Staying Sober? It’s Worth it!

It's a Process not a diagnosis - Staying sober

In early 2013 I realized that I might have an issue with drinking and control. I was successful, hardworking, athletic, and recently divorced. The divorce set me off my normal routine. I had more nights out with the guys and clients, so there was an excuse to drink every night. Two or three beers a night

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Thawing Out the Fear of Going Sober

Bud breaking through snow - Thawing out the Fear of going sober

Going sober can be so hard in the beginning. Most of us feel a freezing shame when we decide that we need to stop drinking. We are afraid that we won’t be able to learn to live alcohol-free. Starting out sober is like learning any life skill. We are afraid that we will slip. That

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Sober Curious? Now That’s What I’m Talking About!

woman with question mark in bubble- sober curious

I can’t say that I was ever really sober curious. Sobriety seemed to me to be very uncool. I loved to drink. I had a great time when I was drinking. Life in my early 20’s was one big party, and I saw zero upside to being sober. Sure, I had some friends who weren’t big drinkers.

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Respect Your Frog – A Sobriety Fable

Do you remember the fable, where the scorpion convinces a frog to carry him across the pond? The frog is afraid but is finally persuaded to trust the deadly spider…. only to be stung by him in the middle of the pond, dooming them both.  In his dying breaths, the frog asks the scorpion “why”?

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