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Find Your Way Out – Let’s Get Real About Dangerous Drinking

Drinking alcohol is something that is so ingrained in our expectations of a normal way to live,  that it takes some pretty dramatic shake-ups for us to rethink how dangerously we drink. In 2020 at the beginning of the pandemic, our governments locked us down. As we began to stay home to protect our health

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I am NOT the Lie Alcohol Had Me Believing I Was

When I was drinking I was in a very dark place. At first, the darkness was a quiet place that I craved. I allowed the darkness to consume me, even welcomed it at times, because I thought I had control of it. But before long I lost control and was completely buried by alcohol’s hold

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Too Much Vodka Under the Bridge

Sometimes I think back to what it was like. The phone calls, the screams, the fear in my throat wondering what the person ringing me was talking about. The fear of betraying someone and doing it anyway. The Dr. visits with hands gripping each other tightly. Being slumped zombie-like over the couch. The sad goodbye

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22 Posts to Get You Started on Staying Sober in 2022 – Part 2

man and women reading posts on sobriety blog to go sober in 2022

Have you decided to go sober in 2022? If you are thinking about stopping drinking that is a good beginning, but actually going alcohol-free when you’ve been drinking habitually can be overwhelming. If your New Year’s resolution is sobriety in 2022 it’s important to do some groundwork. The groundwork that worked for me when I

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