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Moderation? Not for Me

I applaud any efforts to see and do something about a drinking habit that’s headed off the rails, no matter what steps are taken. And I completely understand clinging to the thought of cutting back or moderating. Diving headfirst into a lifetime of sobriety can feel far too overwhelming, even terrifying. Never, ever? Not even

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Sober Curious? Here’s an Invitation and a Recipe for You

Sober-curious has recently become a phrase that sparks debate. When I was drinking, and for the first couple of years that I was alcohol-free, I loved a good debate. I thrived on arguing the pros and cons of a situation. I was determined to fight for right and I got a powerful rush out of

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Selling the Possibility of Loving Life Sober – Rethink the Drink

I stopped drinking over four years ago and have been enthusiastically working on re-branding sobriety ever since. Drinking alcohol has been sold to most of us as the elixir of life since we were young children. I remember as a child listening to the grownups downstairs having a GREAT NOISY TIME while I went reluctantly up to

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Thought for the Day

So I’d punctuate the end of my day with just one glass

Trying to find that sweet spot of calm

But someone would always interrupt. And then I’d need another and another until the bottle was empty- Just one more I’d say as I ran out for a second bottle. But I never found that sweet spot, not until I finally accepted that what was in that bottle was sour for me

How to Break the Friday Night Drinking Ritual

For everyone who has a habit that is tied to a time, or a day, or an event, it’s predictable. Predictability means that you can work out a plan to break it, and once you’ve broken that habit just one time, you are immediately stronger. If you’re a weekend binge drinker, or even have drinking

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