Tag: Sober Revolution

  • Moderation? Not for Me

    I applaud any efforts to see and do something about a drinking habit that’s headed off the rails, no matter what steps are taken. And I completely understand clinging to the thought of cutting back or moderating. Diving headfirst into a lifetime of sobriety can feel far too overwhelming, even terrifying. Never, ever? Not even […]

  • Sober Curious? Here’s an Invitation and a Recipe for You

    Sober-curious has recently become a phrase that sparks debate. When I was drinking, and for the first couple of years that I was alcohol-free, I loved a good debate. I thrived on arguing the pros and cons of a situation. I was determined to fight for right and I got a powerful rush out of […]

  • Selling the Possibility of Loving Life Sober – Rethink the Drink

    I stopped drinking over four years ago and have been enthusiastically working on re-branding sobriety ever since. Drinking alcohol has been sold to most of us as the elixir of life since we were young children. I remember as a child listening to the grownups downstairs having a GREAT NOISY TIME while I went reluctantly up to […]

  • Remembering Wine o’Clock

    Wine o’Clock I remember how it felt I remember how I always felt overwhelmed and unappreciated I felt like everything was a bit off and I couldn’t quite catch up So I’d punctuate the end of my day with just one glass ….Trying to find that sweet spot of calm.. It’s Me Time … It’s […]

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