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Selling the Possibility of Loving Life Sober

Drinking alcohol has been sold to most of us as the elixir of life since we were young children. I remember as a child listening to the grownups downstairs having a GREAT NOISY TIME while I went reluctantly up to bed.

Moderation? Not for Me

More and more of my mental real estate became gobbled up with debates and thoughts about drinking or not drinking, how much to drink, or how not to drink so much. The pull and the struggle against the pull had both returned, along with that soul-crushing cycle of making/breaking promises to myself. Maybe it wasn’t the black pit I had crawled out of three years before but that doesn’t matter. Every single “after drinking” morning, I woke up staring Regret in the face. And Regret is one ugly dude.

Thought for the Day

So I’d punctuate the end of my day with just one glass

Trying to find that sweet spot of calm

But someone would always interrupt. And then I’d need another and another until the bottle was empty- Just one more I’d say as I ran out for a second bottle. But I never found that sweet spot, not until I finally accepted that what was in that bottle was sour for me

How to Break the Friday Night Drinking Ritual

Remember If you’ve decided to join in the discussion no matter where you are in your efforts to change your relationship with alcohol, you are here and you are trying and that is epic.You are here amongst like-minded people that can help you in some shape or form move forward. Compared to the amount of time it took up to get into all this trouble, getting out of this shit is bloody quick. No matter what challenges lie ahead, as long as you remain committed and engage here you will get through.