Sober Curious? Here’s an Invitation and a Recipe for You

Sober-curious has recently become a phrase that sparks debate. When I was drinking, and for the first couple of years that I was alcohol-free, I loved a good debate. I thrived on arguing the pros and cons of a situation. I was determined to fight for right and I got a powerful rush out of defending the truth …

The truth …

The only truth in the sober-curious debate that matters to me now is that five years ago I was addicted, and it felt like this.

ball and chain related to drink and sober curious

But then I quite unexpectedly found a community of people who I could talk to by typing on the computer in my kitchen, on my phone at work during my coffee break, and at home after a long day. They were there whenever I was tired or bored or stressed or lonely or angry or sad or in need. They were like me and they were different from me. They were women and men. They were American, Canadian, English, Scot, Irish, Australian, South African. International. Some were rough and some were gentle. Some were struggling to stop drinking and some had years of sober momentum. Some were planning on taking a break or cutting down and some were ready to say never again. To be 100% alcohol-free for life.

But we all shared one thing. We all wanted to not HAVE to drink, to not NEED to drink. And with their support and with the creative expression encouraged by sharing our words and images, our histories and hopes for the future, by sharing our perceptions of life, I stopped drinking myself numb every night and started to feel again little by little, bit by bit …

And as the days, and weeks, and months, and years passed, I began to feel more and more like this.

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Sober curious is a great focus if you’re tired of feeling like you have to drink and want to commit to taking a break from the booze. Maybe you haven’t hit rock bottom and you aren’t sure if you want to stop drinking forever. Maybe you’re the only one who knows that drinking, for you, is becoming more of a nightly need than a nightly want.

We are wrapping up the Dry July challenge in our community, come join us for Arid August and try on a bit of Alcohol-Free energy!

We are a community. A co-operative. Everyone working for themselves and working for each other. No one will try to sell you anything except the possibility of loving life sober – even if just for a month or two.

You’ve been sold the idea that you need to buy numb your entire life.

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Mega moguls in the alcohol industry have made a fortune off selling addiction.

Fight back and break the status quo! Rethink the Drink!

Banksy Cheetah
A Recipe to be Alcohol-Free

Remember to add
all the ingredients on your shelf,
To live a life with a lot more wealth 
Not more money I necessarily mean,
Though AF, that’s a benefit that’s often seen.

You are the cake maker,
you are the chef,
So let’s try and avoid an early death.

Add things like fun and lots of self-care,
Of chemical rubbish, we need to beware,
And choose only quality fare.

Some ingredients might not
be in your grasp as yet, 
But you can still bake well
and get your feet wet.

Add large dollops of fun and laughter
And check the mixture a minute after 
There should be a brilliant change in presentation,
As your emotions rearrange, 
Into a more relaxed situation 

as into your AF life, you venture,
To regularly check the temperature, 
Of the oven, your cake is in
And then you can most likely win.

If you start to get upset or frown, 
Turn the heat down.
If when we need to readjust we learn,
We can keep the cake from getting burnt,

Or at least not burned beyond recognition,
That would be an unpalatable position 

Sometimes the cake ingredients don’t quite mix,
But don’t let it start to nix,
Your effort and attitude, 
Just change the recipe slightly, 
Vary the ingredients you use,
That are in your control 
And you’ll be on a roll

When you have a cake that tastes this lovely,
you’ll not want to waste a bite of it
by adding chemical memory loss shit
You’ll want to make the most of it, 

Enjoying each day

And the cake you made your way

If you’re drinking too much too often and want to stop or slow down, come talk to us.

Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for NOT using but you don’t HAVE to drink. Don’t stay trapped because the stigma of not drinking seems worse than the cost of drinking to much.

ReThink the Drink You can read more about us Here

And join  Here

Join us For Arid August

Take back your life. Be an original, not a cardboard copy of who you want to be. Go sober for August! 
Arid August…. following in the tradition of Dry July. Are you with us? 
BOOM! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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Arid August = Alliterative, Animated, Aspirational, Awesome, Adventurous, Affordable, Achievable, Adorable, Accomplished, Actualizing, Admirable, Ambitious, And …. Antifungal!

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We’re going without alcohol for a month. 

Join us for Arid August and make it the start of something.


Arid August

If you are lately getting the feeling that you want to or you must,

Make some changes to your drinking,

Why not join us for Arid August?

Let us inspire your thinking

If you are you looking to work out

What your drinking is all about

Pop on here, give us a shout 🙂

Happy sober curious Woman

Dog days of summer getting you down? Join US here in Boomville for Arid August! It’s simply a must! 

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Join us for the Arid-August Getaway!!

We feature drinks that really hydrate.

Helpful tips on changing your drinking habits, that actually work!

You will experience longer and deeper sleeps.

You will look younger, feel healthier, maybe lose a few pounds!

You will save money.

All of this in a super friendly, helpful, non-judgmental atmosphere.

We would love you to join us in our 31 day escape from battling the booze!!

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A Are you getting a bit fed up of

R Regularly drinking, sometimes 

I In excess of

D Daily recommendations?

A Are you curious to 

U Understand whether alcohol could be taking more than it is really 

G Giving you 

U Understanding more empowers you to find

S Solutions that could work for you

T Talk to us for Arid August

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“Art should comfort the disturbed and disturb the comfortable.” 

― Banksy

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