BOOM Rethink the Drink is a community that is hosted on the Mighty Networks platform. You have most likely found us online through an article from our Boozemusings blog. Boozemusings is the public face of our private BOOM community. We would love for you to jump right into the conversation in BOOM which you can do here by simply opening our Boom Community Posting Space or joining our Moderate Drinking Group .

Boom is completely private and as anonymous as you would like to make it. Set your profile here with whatever name and image you would like to represent you.

There is a lot to discover in Boom beyond our main community posting spaces so we have put together this guide to help you get the most out of participating in the community. Please keep this guide where you can find it easily.

Below you will find a detailed Screenshot view of How to Use Boom. For quick answers to specific questions please follow these links around the article

You can also use Mighty Networks articles to get an idea of how to post as we use their format – How Do I Post in a Mighty Network?

This is a guide to our Posting Spaces in Boom :

Our Boom Community Posting Space: where we post about the ups and downs of living alcohol-free. The purpose of this space is explained more fully here

Our Moderate Drinking Group: where we encourage people to post about working toward drinking moderately rather than working toward drinking not at all. The purpose of that space is explained more fully here

Outside the Bottle: A space where we encourage people to post a bit more freely. The purpose of that space is explained more fully here

We also have a BOOM Community Book Club and Library : This is a space where you can read the posts of the monthly host and comment with answers to their questions, search for information about books that you might find interesting, and share your own posts on books that you have found helpful or are reading.

If you would like to you can #s your posts using one or several of our Highlighted Hashtags please do! And you can also search topics using that Highlighted Hashtag list.

These are our Archives in Boom:

We have been posting in BOOM since August 2017 and many of us were in the Hello Sunday Morning legacy community for several years before that. You will find posts from our archives, grouped into specific topics here

Our Shared Experience

The archives are currently

Getting Started Alcohol-Free

Resource Archives by Topic and Author

SOS Cravings

Write Your Way Free!

Those archive spaces are not open for writing posts but please do comment on what you see there!

If you have any questions or concerns about signing in or out, please contact us at

How do I Find Boom on the Mighty Networks app and online?

If you are using the Mighty Networks app to access BOOM, this is what the front door looks like ( Mighty does change their graphics periodically – this is the front door in December 2022)

Once you’ve found us and signed in there, BOOM will always come up when you open the app unless you are also using other Mighty Communities. We are one of many that Mighty hosts. If you are ever struggling to find us after signing out just search Boom Community Rethink the drink on Mighty Networks.

You can also access our Private community online at You will see this front page when you sign up or sign in.

People find us online through the posts on our public blog, and the social media pages associated with that blog. That public blog is on the Boozemusings website which looks like this on a mobile phone. Tap the blue link that says BOOM to get quickly back to BOOM from Boozemusings.

The following screenshots will guide you through our Boom Rethink the Drink Community platform. The view on the app and the computer is slightly different. It is a good idea to know how to use both and understand how to access both easily. You may find it easier to write posts from your computer and read and comment from the app. The online version of BOOM can also be easier to access on your mobile device at times so please do give it a try if you are having technical issues with the app and it is advisable also to routinely update the app at your app store.

When you sign up and sign in to BOOM Rethink the Drink you will see something like this

The first of these two screenshots is from the Mighty Networks app on a mobile phone and the second is from the website view on my mobile phone.

It helps to look at both to see how everything is laid out.

What is the Welcome Checklist?

Mighty Networks offers you a “Welcome Checklist”

It is entirely up to you to do the checklist or not. If you want to skip it for now but come back to it later just tap that little “x” in the top right corner. If you want it to erase it completely, just check each box and Mighty will shower you with virtual confetti and the checklist will be gone.

This is how to use the Welcome Checklist if you chose to-

If you tap “view list” in the app you will see something like this

The first strip will take you to this post on Boozemusings with information about how to use BOOM How to Use the BOOM Community for Support to Stop Drinking Alcohol or Just Slow Down

If you tap “Come Join the Conversation ” it will take you directly to our BOOM Community posting space where you can read our posts for the day and write your own posts to the community. Getting Started Alcohol-Free is a space in BOOM for reading posts from our archive full of tips, tools, and inspiration.

The spaces and posts on the Welcome checklist will change periodically but this is a basic idea of how to use it. It is simply a place to get started on understanding how to use BOOM.

Your basic settings

If you are on the Mighty Networks app viewing BOOM on a mobile phone, you will see this across the top of your page.

This is what you will see on the internet view on your mobile device. If you are on a computer it will be the same with the left-hand side menu open.

The first “settings icon” on the right

will open a very detailed list that allows you to filter what you see in BOOM – you can set this list and reset this list multiple times a day as you wish,

On the internet version of BOOM, you will find buttons to open the same options here

On the app and on the online version of Boom these icons are to help you invite friends to our community. As we are a private and anonymous group most of our members are happy not to invite their friends but you are welcome to use those icons if you do wish to invite people to join us.

The remaining icon on the top left of the app page is the three-line menu – we’ll open that and discuss it further along.

But first, these icons which are at the top right of the internet BOOM and at the bottom of the page on the Mighty Networks app

Are all important to your using BOOM fully and easily.

If you are in Our BOOM Community Posting Space and you tap the search icon you will be given a list of Highlighted Hashtags. These were once the topics that we posted in and they are a great place to search for interesting resources. To open the full list simply tap the title – Highlighted Hashtags

The remaining 3 icons, which are at the top right of the internet BOOM page and the bottom right of the app, are your chat message box which will show numbered notifications for your private chat messages, your notification bell which also shows numbered notifications and your profile image which will open all of your personal settings.

Tap that profile image to set your notifications and set or reset your profile

To set your anonymous profile go to Profile Settings and change your name to anything you would like to. You can also remove or choose not to share your location. Setting Your Location

Each Notification that you select will show up on your notification bell in BOOM. If you select Email notification or Mobile notification you will also get notifications there. You can choose a daily digest of all your notifications and if you would like you can also choose sounds for your notifications. Experiment with this and see what works for you. Change it as often as you like.

Understanding our Menu

There are two menu types in Boom. The first is the main menu that you open on the app using the three lines at the top left of the page, and that is automatically open if you are on a computer

The Main Menu shows you all of our posting places and our reading spaces.

Here is a quick explanation of each.

The All Activity Feed shows you every post that has been written or recommended in all the different parts of BOOM today.

Your Guide to BOOM is next on the menu. It is a Discovery section for BOOM that includes our Welcome Checklist, Featured posts of interest, and the top spaces to post in and to search for resources.

Join the Conversation shows you the spaces where you are welcome to write your own posts

All members are automatically added to

Our Boom Community Posting Space which is the main place for posting in BOOM

If you would like to set goals to drink moderately, to cut down on rather than cutting out alcohol, please add Moderate Drinking Group and post about those goals there

If you would like to post more freely on topics that might be divisive in BOOM please add Outside the Bottle and post those things there ( explained more fully here Protocol )

Finally, the Book Club and Library for our Community is a great place to post about what you are reading and find more ideas of things to add to your reading list as well. We will have a host each month who is posting questions and thoughts to discuss on one specific book. You are welcome to read those posts and participate in the discussions even if you are not currently reading that specific book.

The next section on the menu is a group of archives that you can open here

Our Shared Experience

The archives are currently

Getting Started Alcohol-Free

Resource Archives by Topic and Author

SOS Cravings

Write Your Way Free!



Below this section you will find our Donations page, The Lighthouse Our Community Store our International Crisis Hotlines and our Community Rules, Regulations and Guidelines

There is also a Horizontal Menu in each space in BOOM

The Horizontal Menu in Our Boom Community Posting Space is where you will find our Schedule for Zoom meetings, our group chat and the Highlighted hashtag list.

How Do I post?

You can use Mighty Networks articles to get an idea of how to post as we use their format – How Do I Post in a Mighty Network?

Specifically :

On the app for BOOM, you will see one of these icons on the bottom right corner of the page – tap that to open a box and write a post.

Tap the plus and chose a posting space


Tap the pencil in the individual posting spaces

On the internet version of BOOM

Open the menu and Tap Create to find a posting space


Tap the “plus” sign in the Share what’s on your mind strip

Please post often. This explains why we post in BOOM  How Posting Works 

You can write as much or as little as you’d like in your posts. Start by telling us why you’re here. What do you hope to achieve?  The more you share the more you’ll learn about yourself and the more we’ll be able to offer support and ideas. We’re a real give-and-take community. If you spend some time here daily reading and writing you will find that you begin to figure out what you need to do and how to do it

You’ll find more information on How to Use Boom Here

Our Boom Community Rules and Regulations

How to Use the BOOM Community for Support to Stop Drinking Alcohol or Just Slow Down

Blog at