Looking at BOOM in Screen Shots

BOOM Rethink the Drink is a Community that uses the Mighty Networks platform 

You are likely reading this public Boozemusings blog post inside the private BOOM space.

If you go to the internet you will see this as our front door for BOOM Rethink the Drink.

If you have Downloaded the Mighty Networks app to access BOOM you have to start by searching BOOM Rethink the Drink Community inside the Might app. Once you’ve found us and signed in there, BOOM will always come up when you open the app, unless you are also using other Mighty Communities

The view on the app and the computer is slightly different but the content is the same 

It is a good idea to know how to use both and understand how to access both

when you sign up and sign in to BOOM Rethink the Drink you see this 

on the top right corner of your screen in BOOM is is your private message box, your notifications bell and your profile icon which will open your settings 

This post explains how to set your notifications 

Setting up Your email notifications 

and this post explains how to set your profile 

Thoughts on Anonymity, Profile Pictures and that “Share Something Amazing” Prompt

If you go to the menu on the left ( in the app the menu is opened by the 3bar icon at the top left of your screen)

And select Discovery

You will see this 

Each of the boxes in the Welcome section and the Featured section the Topics and the Top Posts – opens more posts

In the Topics section you will find Info on using the BOOM Community right at the top

You will also Find Events on the menu, which are currently “virtual events” on ZOOM due to Covid but will eventually include live meet-ups as well .

And finally Groups . If you would like to add any or all of the groups you see, posts from those groups will show up on your home feed.

 And finally Green Links and Blue Links

Green links or green titles in BOOM are active. They will take you to another post in BOOM or Boozemusings or to another website for resources and information

On the Boozemusings blog, those active links are blue. The BOOM Community is the private community connected to the public Boozemusings blog – Understanding the Difference Between Boom and Boozemusings .

How to Use the BOOM Community for Support to Stop Drinking Alcohol or Just Slow Down

How Posting in the BOOM Community can help you Rethink the Drink

The ABC’s of Using BOOM

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