How Posting Works to Help you Rethink the Drink in BOOM

I wrote my first post in an online community called Hello Sunday Morning back in March of 2015,  and I have been posting, instead of drinking, ever since. Posting in a community helped me get sober , stay sober , and find my voice again. Continuing what we did on HSM when they closed their web community, is why I started BOOM. 

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– Try it 😊

Open Post Box HERE ( or is you are using the app simply write at “post here”) 

Try posting a bit every day, or a couple times a week, for a while and see what happens-

HSM began with the idea of one guy, taking a year off drinking, and posting each Sunday morning about how the week went. Posting about what was hard, what felt better, what felt worse. He invited friends to join him in the challenge of a year off the booze. When most of them balked at a year alcohol-free he suggested 3 months and the community began. 

I’m always so happy when new people find us but then disappointed because they often never post. There are lots of paid services on the internet that will offer to help you stop drinking and some are very good. Boom is not a paid service but a free community where we work together for each other. We reach out with our stories, experience and questions, and we reach back with our accumulated knowledge and successes. 

Or with a laugh or a spot of inspiration.

We’re here to give and take from each other not to follow one voice or system or idea. All voices and opinions are welcome as long as you don’t attempt to control or censor others. Self-censorship is one of the reasons I believe we drink.

Together as a community, we can often find the answer to the addict voice that’s calling you. We’ve all heard that voice and it has a limited vocabulary. It’s a pretty stupid entity that wine witch/devil on your shoulder/Feed me False comfort Siren

So if you decided that you NEED to stop drinking but find you still WANT to drink that’s because you haven’t learned how to feel good without drinking yet

It takes time and a focused commitment to re-educating yourself and staying accountable no matter what.

Post, Talk to Us, We’re a sober community, a living library of actual people- 

Grab a hold  we’re here

I struggled for six years before I finally was able to stop and stay stopped… my tortured somewhat embarrassing journal entries from those years are here 

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