Most of the posts in the BOOM Community and on the Boozemusings Blog, speak to cutting out alcohol rather than cutting down. Moving from alcohol abuse to moderate alcohol use IS POSSIBLE, we are definitely not here to say it is not. The title on the box is Rethink the Drink and for some, thinking it through, means eventually moderating rather than abstaining forever. 

Most people who do successfully moderate their drinking after finding that they have “lost their off switch” start with a good solid period of abstinence first. One to three months is a good place to start .

If you have joined the BOOM Community to cut down on your drinking we do recommend that you try one of these techniques to take a 30 to 90 day break from the booze first – but how you proceed is absolutely up to you

How do you Stop Drinking ? Our Community Shares What Worked for Us

If you would like to post about drinking rather than attempting to abstain, if you are setting moderate drinking goals or would like to talk about moderate drinking, please add the  Moderate Drinking Group to your Feed ( you need to request an invitation at this link and you’ll receive an email invite within 12 hours)

All members are welcome to participate in both the primary BOOM network and in the Moderate Drinking Group, however, out of consideration for people focused on early days of staying sober, who might be triggered by a romantic ideal of just one drink enjoyed with no consequence, please keep posts about moderate drinking in the moderate drinking group.

This short post from one of our members sets some guidelines that worked for her after she took a three month alcohol free break first to reset

In a nutshell, my advice is this: moderation is only moderation if you quantify it. We’ve all been promising to ‘drink less’ for years, so if that worked, we’d all have done it by now. I did not find drinking on only a certain number of nights per week worked for me- I would just drink even more on those nights. So, my limit is 9 units per week, which I have stuck to for 3.5 years so far. I track this on an app on my phone. I also still have long periods of complete sobriety, this has usually been about 6 weeks a year. 

This is purely a personal view, but my own opinion is quantify it or it won’t work. I know some won’t agree.

SMART goals= specificmeasurableachievablerelevant. Also, moderation is  very definitely not for everyone.

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