1,500 days Alcohol-Free

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Today I am celebrating 1,500 days Alcohol-Free …


I accepted that once I start drinking I CANNOT control how much I drink.

I found a community of people who will support and encourage me to do just that.

I accepted that self-abuse is NOT self-care.

I surrendered to knowing that sometimes I simply need to rest and that’s OK.

I made a commitment to never drink again No MATTER what.

I reflect on how I’m feeling, what I’m thinking and who I am without the blur of mind-numbing, sensation dulling, energy-sapping, nightly binge drinking.

I ask questions, bare my soul, see myself reflected positively or not in the stories of others and as a result…

every day for the past 1,500 days I have been

Conscious, Aware, Alive


Humility, surrender, commitment, community, reflection, honesty,


I don’t count days regularly and haven’t in a long time but I do continue to blog daily in the private community at this address BOOM Rethink the Drink.

If You’re Drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink. Come talk to us privately, anonymously and away from the busy noise of social media.

You can read more about us Here

And join Here

BOOM Rethink the Drink

It’s never too late.

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