I Can't be in Denial!

When I started my twelve month Alcohol Free HSM Beth was starting her second three month. Beth is American, a wife, mother, grandmother and professional who loves to run. She posted every day and many of her posts could have been written by me. Beth speaks to my heart ,as if from my own experience.

Gambling chips, related to being in alcohol denial

I have been reading through posts this morning and a few have really gotten me thinking about being a problem drinker, heavy drinker, alcoholic. This post might piss a few people off but I hope not.

I think I have always known I was an alcoholic. I loved alcohol from the moment it first crossed my lips. Sure, it took years to advance to the place it got to last year, BUT, much of that was controlled by circumstances, not by lack of interest on my part.

Here is food for thought..

The truth is, “normal” social drinkers don’t have to limit the amount of alcohol they buy to avoid drinking too much. I have done that. At a store, I have seen a magnum of wine for just a few bucks more than a regular bottle, but I buy the regular bottle so that I won’t drink more than that one regular bottle.


Normal-social drinkers don’t think about or look for alcohol “recovery” type resources. They don’t even think about AA or seek out sites like this. Why would they?

I have been to AA, I have called AA and, well, I found this site and I have an HSM and I am celebrating each day I have AF.

“NORMAL” people don’t do this. THEY ARE NOT HERE!

For me, I think about people that have a gambling problem. I don’t gamble. I have gone to a few Monte Carlo nights at some churches for fun but never really gotten into gambling. It just never interested me. As such, I have never ever spent a second of energy thinking about or looking for resources to help people who gamble too much to help them cut down or stop. Why would I even think about that? Same is true for people who truly don’t have a drinking problem. They aren’t at AA meetings or calling the hotline. They aren’t on sites like this one. THEY ARE NOT HERE!

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