Reflection or Refraction

When looking in a mirror, one sees a reflection. An exact image copied and reversed. Like looking back in time I can see all the imperfections, wrinkles and scars that made me/make me who I am. What I have become.

If you look into a pool of water there is on the surface a reflection but underneath there is another image. A view of a different life.  One that is slightly askew. Refracted.  Whatever you might see is not exactly where you see it. Much like peering into the future, the object you try to grasp may not be where you expect it to be.

This morning my reflection is clear and the image sharply defined. I can see the wrinkles that smiles create and the furrowed brow of concerns. Questioning eyes and mouth of firm set determination .  I stand before the mirror naked and unafraid of the past. It cannot be changed, only observed.

But then I look beyond the surface of the mirror and view my refracted future. If I reach for something I wish to attain, will it be there? Or will it be just off to one side eluding my grasp? If I compensate it is confusing to my eyes and may still have the same result. So where is the future exactly?  

There is only one way to find out. Dive beneath the surface and see what you seek with a clearer vision. Not one reflected or refracted but perhaps a little less clear in the swirling water. The image may be blurred but when you reach for it, it is there.

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