Getting Wise

Getting Wise

So a strange thing happened today 
I just wanted to say
When I went to the local store 
I was testing my willpower 
Like I’ve started to do more 

I made myself look at the bottles of wine 
All stacked neatly in a line 
Staring down 
I looked a long time 
But a weird thing happened 
It caused me to frown

I felt ok
I mean just ok that’s true 
But not full of envy 
Is that the new me?

There wasn’t one bit of desire in me
To purchase the health thief 
I felt happy with relief 
There was nothing to persuade me to buy 
To chase the lie

It actually made my stomach feel ill
At the thought of wine I felt a bit queasy 
It’s still far from easy but
What’s happening now?
Are my tastes changing 
My thoughts rearranging?

It is different to the power that comes from our will 
It was that the alcohol voice could drone
On and on and on and on
And I wouldn’t want to buy any
Not one 
No bottle at that time could lure me
And it kinda threw me

In fact
and this is stranger still 
I craved sparkling water 
Ice cold 
And the thought of brain clogging wine 
It just felt boring and old

Don’t get me wrong
if I chose to concentrate 
To focus on the taste and 
The cravings for wine surely returned 
But I didn’t yearn 

I think I’m learning to compartmentalise
Or I could just be getting wise
To the fact alcohol lies 

Could feeling unsatisfied,
conned and shortchanged 
Help us to want to rearrange 
Our lives?

I mean, who wants to stay bullshitified?

Thanks for the inspiration MrsP x ( inspiration in post below)

owls, symbol to disregard the alcohol voice and getting Wise

If you are listening to the alcohol voice and drinking too much too often Rethink the Drink .

Read more Here and Join Here 

Open a Book, open a browser, open your mind. The keys are out there.

This poem was composed by Floss The author of  The Runaway Train  and Nailing the Narcissist

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