Clouds have gathered, grey and looming.
Across the sky above my home.
Reaching from horizon’s dawn
To sunset’s edge and far beyond.

A vast and tearful weeping haze,
Misting fall a shrouding cloth
Upon the landscape of my seeing
There beyond my window frame.

Yet still are shadows cast and falling
Darker there within the dim.
Faint memories of brighter days
When shone a warming sun.

Mirrored in the gathered fallen,
Reflections, like distorted dreams,
Ripple ‘cross the surface broken
To dissipate each lost in time

A fleeting sigh escapes the day,
Saddened silent whispered breath.
Strewn windfall shudders in its passing
Mocking whence it clung to life.

The reminiscent rainfall beckons
Strangely there beyond the pane.
Holding fast my disposition
And yearning gaze of other climes.

This muted day grows long in waning
I’m captive to its siren’s call
Awaiting end and pending night
In search of sleep and soothing dreams.

Now I realize this is a bit dark and hardly uplifting but I think it may embody how we all feel from time to time. Sometimes life is difficult and overwhelming. Recognizing, accepting and owning those feelings is mandatory to sobriety. They should not be feared, ignored or suppressed. That leads down a road we have all walked before and seek to escape.

Today I will face my feelings, deal with them and not turn to alcohol for false solace.

Will you join me?

beautiful sunrise with sobriety

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This post is by Rob Morton , the self published author of Stuff I Wrote and a member of BOOM the Independent, anonymous, private community inside Boozemusings.

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