Tough Love

For me, at this crossroads
There are 2 choices
Either get busy being sober
And make it happen
Or slide into addiction
And watch that happen
Tough Choice Love?

The first
should have a good outcome
The other
will definitely not

Do you want to live?
And do it authentically?
Or do you prefer to rot?
It comes down to that really
Tough Love

When there is so much to see, do and gain
Why betray your body and brain?

Are you just afraid?
You don’t want to miss out?
You don’t want to feel?
What is it that risks your sobriety deal?
Is it fear?
You can’t have your cake
and eat it my dear!
Tough Love

What would you hate to lose the most?
What do you hold so close?

If you choose alcohol
it’ll probably be taken from you
Is that what you are prepared to do?
If you prefer mommy’s wine juice
To your family and friends
Would your reasons justify the end
Or is wine sending you round the bend?

Let’s be fair the addiction’s still there
Or your brain wouldn’t get so much wear and tear
Figuring out just where to draw the line
Is this amount ok?
Are you sure it’s fine?

Oh fcuk you wine
You’re more trouble than you’re worth
You don’t define me
I don’t want to be cursed
Going to forget about you
And put myself first

My alcohol bubble has burst
And I’m glad
It had started to go bad!

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This post was written by Floss authors of  An emoji-explosion reminder to myself of how alcohol lies to me

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