Fun and Creative Alcohol-Free Gift Ideas for Your Holiday Wish List

Hot Chocolate and popcorn Alcohol-free Holiday Gift Ideas

I’ll be in my fifth alcohol free holiday season this year and it is finally easy to stay happily sober during the booze fest that stretches from Thanksgiving to New Years. It seemed that during my first two or three sober Decembers, everywhere I looked, someone was offering a bottle in red wrapping paper with a big gold bow on top. Special gift boxes of Gin with herbs and giant goblets or vintage Port with assorted nuts, were often the corporate gifts my husband brought home from work and even family and friends took a while to understand that I no longer craved those easily grabbed last minute gift bottles, glasses and assorted alcohol paraphernalia.

You’re STILL sober?

YUP! 🙂 And Happily So!

We decided to put together a list of our favorite non-alcoholic gift ideas for you to offer to your friends this holiday season. Living alcohol-free is catching on as a creative way for free-thinking people to love life. Whether they NEED to or simply WANT to. Let’s celebrate the freedom to choose!

Christmas tree

Our Favorite Non-alcoholic gift ideas for the 2019 Holiday Season :

#1 The Finest Shakespearean Insults Magnetic Set

Available from : The National Portrait Gallery Shop in the U.K. or Fridge Door in the U.S.

#2 Home Baked Goods Made With Love

or .. Chocolate Chocolate Chocolate from Cheryl’s Cookies who also offer gluten free options of fresh baked cookies

and .. Bears Brownies U.K.

#3 Cup Cakes !!!

Cup Cakes alcohol-free Christmas gift

U.K. Cup Cake Delivery Rachel’s Kitchen

U.S. Cupcake delivery Wicked Good Cupcakes

#4 Home Made pasta sauce, in a basket with veggie pasta, cheese, a nice bottle of alcohol-free red blend.  

#5  Different bubble baths from Philosophy to match your moods.

#6 Anything coffee!!

Coffee Love


#7 Chocolate. Dark, of course. Two pounds should suffice …

Bulk Chocolate ( Kosher!)

#8 Photo books that are easy to put together online

Snap Fish U.S. Photo Box AU Photobook U.K.

#9 Movie Vouchers

#10 Snuggly dressing gown, pyjamas, books or an online shopping voucher.


It’s easy to find great alcohol-free gifts to share with your friends and family over the holidays! Get your stressed out partner a voucher for a massage rather than a bottle of whiskey or wine. Warm, hand knight socks or a fluffy throw offer comfort that will last well into the new year. Tickets to the ballet, a journal and pen, and a beautiful cup for tea will inspire them rather than numb them out. And … if all else fails … rather than stuff and things…

The Grinch

Cash, please. Just give me the $$ you used to spend on cases of wine, processed “treats,” icky-smelling candles, clothing items in weird colors that make me look like a corpse, and gobs of other material items I have no need for, and JUST HAND OVER THE CASH. I’m on a pension now and have a list of things I’d like to spend it on with no input or mediation from you. Thank you. 😁

Or in the true spirit of the Season please consider offering a donation to one of these charities :

Cash for Kids UK
National Autistic Society UK
Children’s Defense Fund US- International
Partners in Health US – International
Australian Children’s Charity Smith International

Charley Browns Christmas

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We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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― Caroline Knapp, Drinking: A Love Story

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