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Believe - Starting Dry January

Remembering the Drinks I’d Like to Forget — or

Ghosts of Christmas Past

Stockings to fill
Presents to wrap
Christmas Eve
Feeling crap
Mother in law here
A sneaky gin
She won’t realise
The state I’m in

Presents galore
All over my bed
Shit ,
the booze
has truly gone to my head

Blackout . Out . I’m asleep, out cold
Nothing wrapped
Feeling appalled

It all went sour after that
Stockings stuffed
Feeling crap ……
Next day wrecked
Spuds to peel
Not in the mood
Numb, can’t feel

A painted smile
Forced to make the most of it
Feeling shit
Is this Christmas ?
You can have it !

My disaster
long face,
no joy or laughter.

This year …..
A different story

Nothing to fear,
no tears no worry
Taking care of me is not selfish
I’ve finally learned
But baths & music & tea
I’ve earned

Christmas will happen
With presents & stuff
I’m staying calm
I know this much
After all it’s
just another day
No need to stress
This is enough ✨

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