Alcohol Free Super Bowl Sunday?

Golden Puppy Alcohol Free Super Bow Sunday

Today is Super Bowl Sunday in the United States which means that most people are either watching football or hosting a party for people watching football or attending a party of people watching football. I believe that the number of viewers is expected to be something like 100 million?

If you are newly alcohol-free, even if you KNOW that you need to stay sober, it can be tricky to turn down the booze at Super Bowl parties.

To fortify your defenses with a bit of humor give these posts a quick read this morning.  Top Ten Excuses not to Drink , make sure that you avoid these Top Ten Most Dangerous Alcoholic Drinks so that you do not have one of these tomorrow  Top Ten Signs you might have a hangover  and remember you do not have to drink!  Top Ten Wonderful Things You’ll Miss This Weekend if You Don’t Drink

Super Bowl Sunday is THE BIGGEST marketing day in the United States. Companies and political candidates, spend a fortune to get their products and agendas in front of those 100 million people who are watching the show live – families- friends- children- teens- an All American Party Day audience!!! 

The Budweiser brewery commercial is always highly anticipated because it will be heartwarming, beautifully filmed and will most likely feature adorable puppies who’s lives are heroically saved by majestic Clydesdales.

These advertisements for Bud are considered by many to be little works of art. Americana. Like the Coca-Cola ads from the 1950’s they represent our culture in an endearing and enduring way.

How can anyone say anything negatively about the Budweiser puppy and the Clydesdales? They represent brotherhood and courage and heroism and love. They are above politics and division. They open a brief, inspiring window to triumph over adversity. They warm our hearts and bring a tear to our eyes.

But what these advertisements will most likely not include is the beer that they are selling you …. Interesting eh? spend a fortune on a beer ad that doesn’t actually have beer in it? Why?  Because they are marketing the dream connected to the product, not the reality of what the product actually is. There seems to be a lot of that going on in our culture right now.

Just like we were once sold cigarettes as eternal youth, nature, and fresh clean air … wine is glamour, whiskey is power, vodka is sex and beer is fellowship. Friendship. Trust.

And this Today Show clip talking about these adorable puppy and horse ads for beer… how does it end? The anchor saying

That’s how you steal and win our Hearts ..

With a smile and warm laughter 

But this sadly is the reality of Alcohol use in America right now

Alcohol Related Deaths are up 100% in Twenty years

Why has alcohol become such a deadly force in the 21st century? Alcohol Use Disorder kills 1 out of every 10 adults age 20 to 64, making alcohol abuse more deadly than automobile crashes, opioid abuse, and gun violence combined. Yet we promote drinking as a basically harmless activity. We still blame the drinker for becoming addicted not the drink for being addictive. Can you imagine doing the same with nicotine or heroin?

Our popular media makes drinking look benign.

I was remembering this morning, the movie The Girl on a Train.

Have you seen it or read the book? It is a thriller, a thriller about drinking, a psychological thriller about the terror that can occur when you drink to blackout. If you are someone who has drunk to blackout it is a really good movie to see. It’ll encourage you to think deep about what that means. About the powerlessness of being in there but unable to remember.

And that is what we as a culture need to do. We need to think deep about WHY alcohol related deaths have doubled in the last 20 years. We need to think deep about the fantasy that we are being sold on days like Super Bowl Sunday, and the reality of what is happening to people in our culture as a result.

If you are trying to stay alcohol free today and need some extra support come hang out with us. We won’t try to sell you anything at all except the motivation to think for yourself in a creative community. We’re private and anonymous as well and off the conventional social media streams which have become a flurry of relentless commercialism selling everything from products to lifestyles to political candidates. 

BOOM Rethink the Drink … In a world where you’ll be questioned for not drinking with the crowd, we’ll encourage you to find your own path. Sign up and sign in via our Web Site here or download the free Mighty Networks app and find us at BOOM Community Rethink the Drink.

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