Learning to Meditate – Transcendental Meditation, Awareness and Emotional Regulation

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A lot of us try to meditate and feel we fail or don’t get it. We try to meditate and don’t feel the benefit and it’s frustrating and boring to bother having another go. That was and is still is me much of the time. I have a busy impatient brain that is hard to settle. Unless I’ve exhausted myself with an intense yoga practice, the simple lying on my back in silence technique of meditation, can easily result in me making grocery shopping lists or thinking about a conversation in my head. Which is ok, but not so meditatively nutritional. I believe transcendental meditation is easier in many ways than traditional methods because you focus on a mantra. This mantra used in transcendental meditation cures the issue with my busy monkey brain.

I am finding a path to meditation that works for me, but still not all of the time. It’s a practice. Through much continued attempt.

To try Transcendental Meditation Start by :

1. Sitting in a comfortable position, close your eyes. I like to bring my hands into a prayer position, with fingers spread and thumbs against my sternum.

2. Try to settle your breath into an even rhythm. I have a habit of longer exhalation so I usually take a few breaths to even them out as best I can.

3. Relax your face. Your jaw. With each exhale, keeping your mouth closed silently say the mantra of your choice. Sat nam works well. I move my tongue as though I am actually saying the words but not actually vocalising them. Sat means truth, Nam means identity. Basically your are saying ‘I am truth’. As you exhale say them slowly. Google mantras. Find one you like or make something up.

4. When you get distracted, return to the mantra.

5. Start slowly. Maybe set a timer for 10 mins. Maybe have the alarm be low frequency music not something blaring. After time is up, don’t come out of the meditation straight away, but do drop the mantra. Try staying there for about a minute or so. I often find the nourishing stuff often happens at that point of dropping the mantra. Lie down if there is a lot of energy and just let it move.

6. When I come out of the mantra, I like to change my hand position for that time before opening my eyes. Like I am holding a ball. Fingers not touching but almost. Think of the ball you are holding as energy.

7. When you are ready to come out, tilt your chin towards your chest, gently open your eyes and before moving your hands apart, look at the ball of energy you have created.

8. Finally, I like to place my hands on the floor in front of my knees resting the crown of my head to the floor and send some energy into the Earth. (this is all very much optional!)

The whole point of this business is to create more consciousness. Awareness. Stillness.

Improved emotional regulation with meditation is a proven scientific fact. The part of your brain responsible for emotional regulation, grows with meditation practice. It physically expands.

The artist David Lynch is big into this type of meditation and I love his thoughts on it. He puts it like this:

“The potential for each and every human being is infinite consciousness. I see it as a every one of us has a ball of consciousness, but not everyone has the same size ball of consciousness. One analogy is that if you have a golf ball size ball of it, when you read a book, you are going to have a golf ball size understanding of what you read. When you look out the window, you’ll have a golf ball awareness of what you see when you wake up in the morning; you’ll have golf ball size wakefulness. If you start transcendental meditation, that golf ball size consciousness starts to expand. Now it comes to be like a softball or a basketball size. When you read a book, there’s more understanding, when you look out, there is more awareness, there is more wakefulness.”

And with this expansion comes the theory of synchronicity too. The support of nature. In enlightenment, you are at one with those laws of nature, so it’s like Mother Nature smiles at you. You start seeing a bigger picture; you start appreciating life and people more and more. And you are enjoying life more as you go. The richness of existence.

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