6 Reasons I’m Staying Sober after 6 months Alcohol Free

My beautiful better half told me recently that I should go on a hiatus from being alcohol-free in the summer so that I could drink white wine with him on our long summer nights. Although I did have one day off, I’m not taking a hiatus; I’m still firmly on the alcohol-free wagon. When I first began my sober journey, I wanted to know how sobriety was going to enrich my life as this helped me to keep moving forward. So, for those who come behind me-this is what my life looks like from living 6 months alcohol-free.

1. Remaining alcohol-free is easier – it is easier to say no, it is easier to stop the negative thoughts, and it is easier to get through social and work functions without worrying about being tempted to the point of giving in.  After six months sober, I have also been able to let go of intense cravings while driving home from a stressful day at work. 

2. I can sometimes have a short temper. I get really angry when I feel people do not respect me or when they dismiss my contributions to things. I use to pass those feelings off as me being upset, due to being hungover. But nope – the feelings still come, and the feelings are mine and they still make my stomach churn. But while I’m sober, these feelings dissipate faster. I’m able to cope and get out of the negative churn cycle and can think of a rational response; sometimes I need to stand up for myself as opposed to building a slow resentment burn. Other times I need to just let it go and refrain from reacting. However, the feelings no longer eat away at me. Growth.

3. Sometimes I sleep like shit. Still. However, I find that I sleep better more often than not. Related reading Sleep Solutions

4. My teenagers trust me more deeply. I think they always trusted me, I’m a good Mom. Now, they know I’m here, fully present, at all times. They often come into my room right before I crash out and they sit and we talk for a few minutes. I love it, it’s a gift from them to me. It’s something that they don’t do with my spouse.

5. I’m still not ready to go it alone. I still need my sober community. This community continually reminds me why living alcohol-free is so worthwhile. I’m forced to take time out to reflect on life and my decisions surrounding it, and the support I get throughout these reflections is a support that is still needed. I’m still not strong enough in my sobriety to go through life sober, on autopilot. related reading from inside the BOOM Community You Weren’t that Bad

6. I still think about drinking, but this has lessened over time.

Living life alcohol free is an ever changing journey.

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