6 Months Sober – Self Discipline as Self Care

Umbrella in storm representing self discipline as self care at 6 months sober

To stay sober in my first 6 months, I’ve been working tirelessly to match the image of who I want to be, with my real actions, beliefs, and behaviors. Sobriety has been my catalyst for SELF-discipline but my perspective on what discipline means has changed and evolved. In staying sober I have learned that self-discipline is self-care.

The word discipline has always held a very negative connotation for me. It was something forced, uncomfortable, monotonous and HARD. It was something requiring a level of dedication and commitment that would make me squirm just thinking about. Discipline meant facing punishment if I did not abide by the rules….

But lately, this word and it’s true, more simplistic meaning, has really been growing on me. Sober Perspective.

Discipline is the quality of being able to behave and work in a controlled way which involves obeying particular rules or standards. So, what if those “rules” and “standards” are what you create for yourself? What if they are guidelines and ways of being that support you to be the person you want to be; to be the person you really are? My body recognizes every single time I go against my true beliefs and morals— it shows up often as anxiety, guilt, and shame.

Woman hanging fron clothes line on umbrella- Anxiety caused by lack of self discipline and self care

At 6 months sober I’ve become disciplined in my daily life… prioritizing what is *really* important to me. Showing up as close to my morals and beliefs as possible and it all started with one thing; not drinking. Drinking goes against everything I believe in – it’s horrible for my emotional, mental, and physical well being. It takes me out of the present moment, disconnects me from myself and from everyone and everything around me; it makes me lazy, unmotivated, and careless. It numbs me.

I want to live with passion, optimism, with a clear head. I want to be goal oriented, fun, enthusiastic, open hearted. I want to live with dedication to myself, my loved ones, and the environment. I want to be fully present and feel ALIVE. This is what I’m disciplining myself for!

As I have gained confidence in my sobriety, I have begun practicing discipline in other areas of my life; just small things— making my bed every morning, washing all my dishes at night, watering my plants regularly, brushing my teeth every single night, taking my vitamins every day etc.

Woman under rainbow umbrella representing perspective of self discipline as self care in sobriety

I don’t punish myself when I don’t follow my self imposed “rules”… the punishment itself is merely just natural consequences… for instance, my breathe smells bad if I don’t brush my teeth 🙃 but yeah, the natural consequences are enough motivation to keep me going, to keep me focused, to keep me disciplined.

Every day, I wake in the morning with a very clear purpose… stay sober and stay true to myself. I stay disciplined in my pursuit of what really matters to me. It’s not always easy, but it also isn’t begrudgingly forced upon me… it’s actually exactly what I want for myself!!!! Shifting my perspective out of what I *should* do, to what I WANT and WILL do.

The more disciplined I become in this pursuit, the more my confidence, self esteem and self love flourish! 🌸

I’m Celebrating six months of self discovery and self discipline over here!! 🙌❤️

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  3. Where does the passion and joy come from? 76 days in recovery. I am so struggling and I have ever excuse as to why I should just get that bottle of wine and drink it all down. The biggest is covid. Why did I get sober only to die? I am so close to drinking. Need help!

    • Don’t throw away what you have worked so hard for. It feels that way some days in the first months alcohol-.free but part of that drink to deal reflex is coming from the addiction- if drinking worked you never would have worked so hard to stop- I can tell you only from my experience that every day I live sober is fuller than days spent hungover or drunk, and so no matter what the crisis may be, and there are many to pick from this year for all of us around the world, living sober is better than living in the eternal drink, drunk , regret cycle. Please come in and talk to the group – we are there 24/7 . there is always someone to talk to- https://boom-rethink-the-drink.mn.co/share/4Bg3Msi0FAN7lf_z?utm_source=manual that link will bring you in and you can post there, ask the same question that you asked here, and we’ll start talking it through with lots of different perspectives – it’s free. no hidden fees or gimmicks or product pitches- and maybe read this post https://boozemusings.com/sober-the-fuckit-bucket/

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