Author of a book about How-to stop drinking

A Tonic For Gin.

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Five years ago I joined HelloSundayMorning and it changed my life. It may have even saved my life, who knows. My drinking had reached a point where it wasn’t fun anymore and it was hurting my physical health and relationships. I had enough but didn’t know how to stop drinking. HSM provided me with a safe environment within which to share my story, and I met the most wonderful group of people through it. Many have now gone on to become ‘real life’ friends and I am so pleased to have them in my life.

I am coming up to five years sober in July this year, and my life has changed in more ways than I ever expected. My family are proud of me. I got seriously fit and healthy and my motivation and focus for my work has gone through the roof. It wasn’t easy but I took a day at a time (cliche I know) then the days turned into weeks, the week’s turned into months and now the months are turning into years. I don’t think about alcohol any more. I feel indifferent towards it however I know not to become complacent. I never want to go back and there’s no way I would swap this golden ticket of a sober life for the dark days of my past.

I wrote this book in order to share my story with those closest to me, and I also wanted to connect with people who may be having issues to stop drinking alcohol and don’t know what to do about it. If I can reach out to just one other person and make a positive difference to their life, then my intentions will have been met.

A Tonic for Gin follows the first year of my life as a non-drinker and gives unique insight into how this powerful substance affects our lives. This juicy tale of rehydration offers humour, hope, inspiration, and practical advice to those wanting to improve their relationship with alcohol.

A Tonic for Gin takes you on a journey through the highs and lows of alcohol dependence. This collection of thoughts gives you a fresh perspective on life after alcohol, and although excruciatingly raw and honest at times, it is an altogether a positive read.

I hope it offers you insight, courage, inspiration and hope.


HSM @healthygirl

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Author of a book about How-to stop drinking

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