Man and Superman Inspiration for a Sober Fathers Day

Be the Hero of Your Own Story – Inspiration for a Sober Father’s Day!

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Sober Father’s day? If you’re like me, Father’s day was just another excuse to see how shit faced I could get. But let’s be real. If your brain is bubbling in a cauldron of crap, you can’t truly be present to show your loved ones how much you appreciate this day of adoration. Here is a little advice from the ghost. ( my story I am Dead )

How do you get out of the dog house and become the hero of your own story?

Kick the beer beast in the balls

super Dad Insignia - Be the Hero of Your Own Story - Inspiration for a Sober Father's Day!

A.  Abstinence. Abstinence is key. You have to steer clear of the hooch. If you were a big drinker and the poison of your choice was a common Father’s Day gift, kindly advise your family members that you have an interest in other things. Drop a lot of hints about what you would be happy receiving as a present this father’s day instead of the same old liver killer. If you do get some Jackyl Juice of some kind as a gift. Smile and thank the giver…..But don’t crack the seal just to be polite. Promptly put that sealed bottle in a place that you won’t be tempted to drink it. You can always re-gift it to someone that does not have a problem with the grog. OR…….You can simply dump it down the drain….I know it sounds rude….But I’m sure the gift giver did not intend to put a nail in your coffin. They will get you something different next year once they see you are on a new sober path…

Shoot the Whiskey werewolf

POW!- Be the Hero of Your Own Story - Inspiration for a Sober Father's Day! Shoot the Whiskey Werewolf

B. Be There. Be attentive and present. You will be surprised at how much more fun you will have and how everyone else will notice the change in you for the good.

Put a sober stake into the heart of the Vodka vampire

BAM! Be the Hero of Your Own Story - Inspiration for a Sober Father's Day! Put a sober stake into the heart of the Vodka vampire

C. Caring. A Sober Father’s day will show your whole family just how much you care about them. You will be able to happily express your sober side….The sober side is always a much more caring side.

I would like to give a word of advice to all the men out there who are trying to get and stay sober…..

Let’s get serious about enjoying a CONSTRUCTIVE Saturday and Sunday!

As a drunk, all of the fix-it lists in the house seem to get longer and longer.

After a Friday night of drinking away the stress of the week this was how Saturday felt to me…….

You may be fixing a few things…

Once you have slept in way too long, had coffee, showered, and finally felt good enough to get off your dead ass and attempt to tackle some of the items on that list.

You approach the task like a Zombie from the dawn of the dead….

Wide-eyed and in slow motion….

It is hard to concentrate when it feels like your head is floating three feet above your body…

All of your tasks are running faster than you as you blearily attempt to swing into action ….

You just hope you have to go to the hardware store for some mystery item…..

Something to waste a little time…….

Enough time to bring you closer to that magical beer thirty. At which point you can crack a few, procrastinate a little more, and ultimately have a pathetic shit showing. You will finish off the day accomplishing little or nothing….

Rinse and repeat on Sunday.

Drunk dad slumped in yeild sign - Be the Hero of Your Own Story - Inspiration for a Sober Father's Day!


You can tackle these tasks with a newfound enthusiasm! There is nothing like an early morning and a clear head to reduce the size of that honey-do list. I can tell you from first-hand experience! Being a Sober handyman will not only boost your self-esteem, but It will also make you a superman to your other half. She will love you for it!!!  

So, Kick the beer beast in the balls……

Shoot the Whiskey werewolf and put a sober stake into the heart of the Vodka vampire…..

You will be the hero of your own story….. it will pay off!

I know….

My Wonder Woman even bought me a shirt with an “S” on it…..


You see, my brothers! When you take the time to fix yourself, It gives you the tools you need to fix other things…..The house, The yard……..Your relationships and all the hearts around you……So get your “S” on and get to fixing!!!!!

Super Man on tall Building - be a sober super hero on Father's day and everyday

Be the Hero of your Own Story and a Happy Sober Father’s Day to You !

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per dad - Be the Hero of Your Own Story - Inspiration for a Sober Father's Day!

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