If you are doing Dry July, these are some of the benefits that you may well feel in as little as 30 days alcohol-free :
  • 1 – Having your mornings back (heck even your evenings!).
  • 2 – Having clarity on what you have done or said the night before.
  • 3 – Being able to live up to promises you have made – including being more present with loved ones and yourself.
  • 4 – healthier body and mind.
  • 5 – saving LOADS of money.

reading to help you avoid the late afternoon alcohol cravings : Alcohol Cravings and Hypoglycaemia

More Benefits after just 30 days alcohol free?
  • Unhungover mornings are definitely my number one.
  • Complete reduction in my anxiety.
  • A clear head
  • More time for me
  • Learning to love and respect myself
  • It’s a light at the end of the tunnel. Life once again has potential.
  • You can do this. 😘
Why Feel Trapped in your routine, Get Inspired! Stop drinking, relax and enjoy this Dry July and you may achieve :

Headspace, spontaneity, good mental health and SAFETY – I feel safe wherever I go, because I’m sober and can escape from awkward situations really quickly!

Woman in cove Dry July

A positive outlook, great skin, no daily headaches, improved overall mood, honesty and integrity – no more covering up my drinking and hiding it.

Better sleep, space and the emotional strength to take stock of my life.
Pleasures in daily life where before I was just getting by.
Peace, not that incessant yap about booze.

reading to help if you have trouble sleeping after going alcohol free : Sleep Solutions



Pride (as opposed to shame)



woman in pool Dry July

A deeper way to connect with myself and others, peace of mind, freedom, calmness and more cash !

More cash? YES more cash!

In 30 days alcohol-free I have saved money, and have more self-respect, self control great health and joy. Also I lost the sharp tongue. And have more money!!!! 🌺🌸😍🥰💕

Woman at pool Dry July

Breaking Down the Myths : What Can Alcohol REALLY Do For You
Guide to your First Month of Sobriety : Why and How to Quit

Invest in you
You’re so worth it too! ❤

Join us in Boom for A Dry July

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We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using

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