Exempted from the Hangover Club

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When I start to think 
I need a drink 
There’s too much stress 
Isn’t the problem
that I feel I need it?
There’s the warning right there
So I need to heed it

If I don’t listen
I won’t need to hide it
Imbibe it
Lie about it
Crave it
Waste money on it
I’ll be free of it’s clutches 

If I learn to walk the walk
without alcohol crutches 
I’ll get stronger 
I won’t need wine any longer 

And I know this as much
as I know myself 
It’s bad for my health 

So when I’m sorely tempted 
I’ll remember
I’ve been recently exempted
From the hangover club
This I feel I’ve been invited to surpass
With my sober VIP pass

Why go back there
I no longer care
About the cheap thrills to be had
Were they really that good 
Or decidedly bad?

If a life of serenity awaits 
I’ll leap into it in good faith 
Don’t want to lie or hide bottles 
Which could all become a fact 
Who has time for all that?

What price is peace of mind?
It must be expensive
I’ll probably find 

What did you say?
Are you sure you’re not lying?
Could it really be about
just not buying 
The toxic substance on the supermarket shelf?
That gives no sustenance or anything else?

You know,
I agree that alcohol-free
won’t fix everything in my life 
Especially not overnight 
But it would certainly help

Wine witch keep your wine
I want peace of mind 
I won’t get that if I’m stuck in the alcohol doldrums 
With you smugly stirring your cauldron

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