Setting up Your email notifications :

Boom is a very active community so we recommend that you make sure to set your notifications to suit your temperament. Go to Your Settings by tapping the circle icon at the bottom right of your screen on the Mighty Networks app, or the top right of your screen on the internet version of BOOM

and select Notifications 

Each notification that you select will show up on your notification bell in BOOM. If you select Email notification or Mobile notification you will also get notifications there. You can choose a daily digest of all your notifications and if you would like you can also choose sounds for your notifications. Experiment with this and see what works for you. Change it as often as you like.

In your settings ….

You can also Edit your profile in your settings ( thoughts on anonymity ) and download the app if you have not already

In addition to Notifications for BOOM from Mighty Networks we send out a Newsletter a few times a month for the members of our community. If you do not wish to recieve the Newsletter simply unsubscribe at the bottom.

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