The more anonymous you are in BOOM, the more comfortable you’ll be talking about what you need to talk about,  Just go here Profile Settings and change your name. You can also remove or choose not to share your location. Setting Your Location

Unless you want us to, we don’t need to know what you look like and we actually really encourage anonymity for the first year. But please do add an image to your profile. Even those BOOMER’S who contribute daily, it gets a bit harder to remember what you said and where you’re coming from without the added “identifier” of a profile image. 

You can take a picture of something with your phone like your pet or your favorite coffee cup or you can head on over to Pixaby or Unsplash and pick something that appeals to you 

suggestion for anonymous profile picture
suggestion for anonymous profile picture
 profile picture
suggestion for  profile picture

If you want to change your profile picture you can at any time. Just go here Profile Settings and tap the pencil on your profile image circle. You can also add your location back in if you wish to find members in your area at a later date.

Someone mentioned the other day that on opening the post box the prompt ” Share Something Amazing” almost sent them running…. I wish that we could remove that prompt but I’m afraid it comes with the Mighty Networks package….  ignore that please — no pressure– we are here to figure ourselves out by posting to each other and that process often does become amazing but it starts quite simply

Well over 2,000 members strong in our private BOOM Community

There is always lots to read in our private space and on our public blog as well but what makes us unique is the many voices, including you, the interaction of thoughts and feelings expressed and working it through …  If you have any questions please ask! 

Someone will get back to you quickly if you ask on the home feed. Look forward to hearing from you soon.  

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