The "A" word

I hate the word alcoholic.

I’d like to say “ if drinking is causing you more pain than pleasure it’s time to take a break”. That would make things much more clear.

But we learn from an early age that the there is nothing wrong with the pleasure of drinking causing pain. For many teenagers their first hang over is a rite of passage. Waking up with a splitting head ache and crawling to the coffee pot with ibuprofen in hand is a sure sign that you’ve joined the adult team. Congratulations young one your first hang over !

An Alcoholic ?

I think that this is why it’s so hard for people to get to the point where they realize that they may have to stop drinking. For six years I remember telling myself, my husband, my family and my closest friends that I thought I had a problem. That I was drinking WAY to much at night. That I couldn’t seem to stop and was worried that I might be an alcoholic……and than there’s that word.

Alcohol Free

Many people who drink routinely are worried at one point or another that they might be an alcoholic. They worry that they may have to stop drinking and stop forever and that life will become dull. So without meaning to we enable each other. We tell ourselves and our friends “ Don’t worry! You’re not an alcoholic! We’ve all been there…we’ve all had a few too many a few too many times. Just cut back a bit. Do a detox. You’ll be fine”

The reason that groups like AA and Smart Recovery and BOOM Rethink the Drink are so important is that if we decide to stop drinking for a few months, a year or the rest of our lives we are going against the grain. The very friends and family who once enjoyed sharing a drink with us and never really thought we had a problem are suddenly uncomfortable with the idea of our sobriety

So we need a new community of enablers. We need a community that enables us to get sober and enjoy the journey.

It really doesn’t matter if I’m an alcoholic.

If they ever do find a definitive way to test for alcoholism I expect my numbers will be off the charts. But in the mean time…

drinking was causing me more pain than pleasure…..

I’m well over a year sober now and feel better than I have in 30 years…

so why would I ever want to drink again?

The pain is simply not worth the pleasure.

Tea and tea cups - alcohol free inspiration

More Thoughts….

Don’t Label Me Alcoholic Because I Choose Not to Drink

If you’re drinking too much too often and want to stop

Talk to Us.

Reach out and we’ll grab your hand.

Rethink the Drink


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