Nobody Drinks Like We Do For Fun

Nobody who drinks like me is drinking for the fun of it or because it’s such a great time!

We drink because we’re in pain or lost or bored.

We don’t want to be in reality for whatever reason.

We are seen as bad, naughty, morally wrong, something is missing from us.

In essence, we just need to learn other coping strategies.

Unfortunately, it’s also one of the hardest things to be around.

How many drunks do you see saying sorry repeatedly? Mega-drunk people are really, really not fun.

They’re hard to tolerate.

So what’s the solution? We can’t expect people to get better when we don’t really know how to help people?

The current system for drug and alcohol addiction doesn’t work. Maybe for some it does but generally, it’s a lifelong merry-go-round and without some change in attitude and help we’re going to see this increase dramatically in every city in the country.

I can only pray that something changes and our government looks at how easily alcohol can be consumed and bought!

Recovery needs to be made a priority.

One Day Not Too Far From Now…

One day not too far from now you will wake up and be 40-something, 50-something, 60-something… If you make it to that age.

You will look in the mirror and see the ravages that drink has taken upon your body. The once youthful complexion will be replaced by old skin, old eyes, and a mask of deep unhappiness. No doubt you will have ruined most of the relationships in your life. Or you will be in a relationship that is deeply unhappy and drinking had masked that deep unhappiness.

One day not too far from now you will wonder what happened to your life. Why you didn’t end up pursuing your dreams, or making more of your life? Taking chances and thinking ‘what the hell’. Loving more, Travelling more, Seeing more. What did that magic bottle hold? What grip did it take on your life? What promise did it really fulfill?

One day not to far from now….

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