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I think Dry July is a brilliant initiative that should be international. It raises a lot of questions about why it’s so hard to take even a temporary break from drinking.

In a world full of conflicting messages about how and why we should drink, a world where health conscious people are encouraged to continue choosing alcohol no matter what the possible health risks, a world with products like spiked sparkling water, vegan wine and red-fruit infused gin, a world where women can hide up to three bottles of wine in their fashion accessories, and Mommy’s Time Out wine is drunk at Wine O’clock, there is a drink for every occasion and every occasion requires a drink.

In that world where there is tremendous pressure to drink daily and see that as normal Dry July gives us another focus for thirty days. How to enjoy life WITHOUT the booze.

Join us for Dry July and beyond, Rethink the Drink,

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