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What I learned while working through my twelve month sober challenge is that I don’t need to drink to celebrate, relax and romance. It turns out that drinking actually dulls my senses to the point where I don’t really experience any of those joys fully.

Drinking dulls my senses to the point where I’m not really present in my life.

Sober my senses are alive.

If you drink regularly and have the tendency to binge it takes time to get to the point where you don’t feel like you need alcohol. At the end of the day rather than feeling relaxed simply because you’re home you need a drink to shut down. When you’re out with friends who you enjoy you only feel really involved if you have a drink to celebrate in your hand. It takes time without the drink in hand to get your brain rewired to the point where you feel the beauty of your life without it. But it takes a lot less time to get the wiring realigned than it took to get it screwed up in the first place .

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