Top 10 Things I have learned since going Alcohol-Free

10. Since going alcohol-free I’ve learned that my problems aren’t any bigger or more painful. In fact, just the opposite.

9. I’m happy to say that my check liver light went out!

8. I can go to sleep without a drink.

7. Cinco de Mayo is so totally not an important holiday.

6. I can remember all the words to “Chances Are” by Johnny Mathis.

5. My little voice can actually suggest good things to do.

4. If you ask me why I’m not drinking over and over, I’m perfectly fine with lying to your face.

3. I can thread a needle.

2. I love everybody more than I thought I could. My wife and family, folks at work, and my friends.

1. Life is great!

Are you thinking about going alcohol-free?
What is the best way to quit drinking?

Maybe you will start with a one month challenge

Find Your Way Out 

Maybe you will know on your last day one that enough is enough 

There is no right or wrong –  Find what works for you

I used to think that there was only one way to stop drinking

but I have learned that the best way is the way that each of us finds ourselves.

If you’re working on going alcohol-free come into BOOM today and get active with the community 

How Posting in the BOOM Community can help you Rethink the Drink

Don’t Give Up 

Why is it So Hard? 4 Hurdles to Overcome When You Stop Drinking

You’ll find Tips and Tools here

Guide to your First Month Sober: Why and How to Quit Drinking

Books to Help you Stop Drinking and Fuel Your Sober Momentum

6 Documentaries to Help You Rethink Alcohol Use and Abuse

Look forward to talking to you in Boom

If you’re drinking too much too often come Talk to Us.

Alcohol is the only drug that people question you for not using but you don’t have to drink.

Don’t stay trapped because the stigma of alcohol free seems worse than the cost of drinking to much.

Boom Community Rethink the Drink

We are an independent, anonymous and private community who share resources, support and talk it through every day. It helps to have a community behind you in a world where alcohol is the only addictive drug that people will question you for NOT using


The Last Worst Time I Drank ….

Before and After at 6 years alcohol-free

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