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The philosophy according to YOSSARIAN in the pursuit of sobriety. That task can be as convoluted or as simplistic as you see fit. Being a simple man, I choose the latter. Reading volumes of text written by another about another’s experience in the form of self help just doesn’t make sense to me. They sell, so clearly to others, it does. And I have no beef with that. As they say……….whatever floats your boat.

Unlike those YouTube videos that promise you the answer to life, the universe and everything and waffle on for an hour only to give you a link to where you can sign up for the answers at a monthly rate of $45.95, I’m just going to throw it at you. Simply.

First, you must be commited. It sounds simple and it is. I knew I was an alcoholic for a very long time. I knew it was killing me for a very long time. It wasn’t until I landed in hospital with my body “literally” falling apart that I knew I had to change. I brushed having a leg amputated by a bee’s diaphragm. My body was simply rejecting itself. At the tender age of 50, I sat on a hospital guerney, shaking with fear like a little kid. The surgeon’s were ashen faced and blunt. I had to commit.

Second, keep no alcohol in the house. No, I don’t care about your visitors. They can bring their own. No alcohol on the premises you sneaky fucker. You’re committed to being sober, so get with the program.

Third, be prepared. Preparation is the key. Like most addicts (grab a chair and sit down, you’re an addict) the craving is one of habit. Habits are time set. Some call it “beer o’clock” or “the wine witching hour”. I don’t like those descriptors as it somehow legitimizes the addicts cycle. You know when your time is. So be prepared. Get out of the house, without cash or card and go for a walk. Go for a run, go to the park, go stare at a wall, go for a bike ride, fly a kite……….. go to the fucking library for all I care but just get out. Get away from the scene that makes it all ok.

Four, and here is the killer punch. Simple again, like Mike Tyson. Somewhere, somehow, by design or not (the addict’s mind is cunning) you will “stumble” upon opportunity. This is where sobriety commitment is integral. DO NOT PICK UP THAT FIRST DRINK or you are fucked, with a capital F. The idiom, “one is too many and 100 is not enough” didn’t just fall out of the sky. It has been proven time and time again, probably even by yourself. Do not pick up that first drink. Do not and do not. End.

Five. For all you tough guys out there. You think you can do sobriety alone. You think you can white knuckle this thing, in the dark, on a Friday night. When every ounce of your soul is screaming for a sip. When the noise of the city is out there having “fun”, guess again. This bitch, alcohol already has you on your knees. Do you think she cares if you fall flat on your face? That is what she wants. Humbled and hopeless. You cannot do this thing on your own. End of story.

Look, I don’t subscribe to the 12 step AA story. I’ve seen enough happily reformed 12 steppers slide down the rabbit hole quicker than you can say “whiskey, barkeep”. However, you do need support for sobriety. Someone to say hello and how the fuck are you.If you are clawing at the wall at 2 am your time, then somewhere on this beautiful blue dot of ours, someone is keeping watch. Someone who gets it and has committed themselves to be there to support you. You as an individual amongst the 7 billion.

Clear and simple. My gospel for want of a better word may not be your cup of tea. That doesn’t matter. You get on here, BOOM Community , and connect with people that resonate with YOU. Places like BOOM can provide that in spades. I know because I know most here. I “grew” up and out with most of them. They may not be perfect but they’re perfectly fine by me. The beauty here is the global watch keep. Nobody on BOOM gives a damn about your politics, your religion, your sex, your race, your sexual preference or what you ate for dinner. It’s about support. In a rare example, the means really does justify the end

Good luck with your projects.

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